Graphics Resources

Welcome to the Bay of Fundie Graphics Resources pages.

These pages are an archive or library for the benefit of webmasters, bloggers, and other web content creators. They contain most of the original graphics that I have created. I currently have three groups:

  • BoF Toons. These are original single-panel cartoons (and a few comic strips) that I have created for the amusement of readers. I usually start with an existing painting or drawing and “improve” it with a caption or word balloon.
  • Books. These are illustrations from religious books that I have supplemented with word balloons.
  • Photo Manipulations. These are photographs that I have changed (for the better, I think).

You may use any of these images, for free (as in free beer, not free speech), on your own website, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Do not modify the image, except for resizing.
  2. Do not crop it or use only part of it.
  3. The image must stand by itself; that is, it cannot be incorporated, composited, or collaged into a larger image.
  4. Do not put it into a context that changes its meaning.
  5. Do not obstruct or obscure the URL or other branding.
  6. Please host it on your own server. Don’t steal my bandwidth.
  7. Make the image a clickable link to the Bay of Fundie home page; or somewhere near each image, give credit to and a link to the Bay of Fundie home page (
  8. All of the source images used in these creations are either in the Public Domain or believed to fall under the Fair Use provisions of the copyright laws. If any images are found to infringe, I will remove them from this site. I am not liable for any damages you suffer through the use of these images.


If you are curious about how I made these, I have used many different graphics programs. All of them have their limitations, so for many of these images, I’ve had to use more than one program. These are the main ones I’ve settled on. If you are interested in making your own graphics, you might want to try these first.

  • Graphic Converter. One of my main workhorses. Sort of a Photoshop-lite. It isn’t supposed to do everything that Photoshop does, so you’ll need other programs, too. It’s usually the program I try first. It’s best at cropping, resizing, and converting between formats. It can also do light-duty image manipulation. I use it for about 90% of my work. If it had layers, I could use it for 98% of my work. It also produces some pretty tight and clean files, so even if I make an image in another application, I always run it through Graphic Converter at the end to produce the best JPEG, PNG, or GIF file.
  • Pixelmator. Another Photoshop-lite, but with a different set of capabilities. It’s emphasis is more on manipulating and changing the image. Probably the best of this class. Unless you’re a hard-core Photoshop user, this can probably do most of what you need. It also runs a lot faster than Photoshop, and it’s menus aren’t as cluttered. It’s easier to find what you need, because you aren’t digging through menus full of stuff you never use. It’s also way cheaper.
  • Inkscape. Fantastic vector-graphics illustration program. Open source.
  • PNGCrusher. PNGCrusher does a great job of shrinking your PNGs without affecting the resolution. Open source. (If you aren’t on a Mac, use OptiPNG instead; it’s the brains behind PNGCrusher.)

In case you’re wondering why Adobe Photoshop isn’t on this list, it’s because it’s freaking expensive! I actually own a license to the full version, but Adobe has an expensive upgrade treadmill they try to keep you on. The version I have started generating error messages and stopped generating images. I could reinstall it (that’s a hassle and not guaranteed to work), or I could upgrade it (expensive). And then I’d have to upgrade it again in a year, and then again a year later. Save your money; jump off the treadmill.