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Fundies of Color

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

What both white and non-white fundies read to their children Wikipedia defines “fundie” as: Fundie or fundy (plural fundies) is a pejorative slang term used to refer to religious fundamentalists of any religion or denomination, although it is primarily directed towards fundamentalist Christians. The term is intentionally derogatory, and is used most commonly by those […]

How Do Conservatives and Liberals See the World?

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Yes, yes. Godwin. I know! I just watched the latest episode of Moyers & Company with Bill Moyers. He interviewed social psychologist Jonathan Haidt. Haidt has a forthcoming book titled The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. It was a fascinating program. I recommend it, if you haven’t watched it […]

Lunch with Lucifer

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Score!! I love it when this happens. I bought lunch at this crappy “Hawaiian Grill” today, and, as you can see by the receipt above, the total was $6.66! I remember eating there once before, and the food was pretty bad. Somehow that memory had faded enough that I forgot. Now I know why it’s […]

A Mime is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

No, actually, a mime is a terrible thing. Except in margaritas. There has been so much bleakness and divisiveness on this blog lately that I decided it was time to run something we all can agree on: Mimes. We hate ’em! It turns out those sick bastards at Lego actually released a mime figure! That, […]

Death of Logic

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

(from Gaspirtz) I made the mistake of going by Clown Hall today. That’s when I realized that their name isn’t descriptive enough. It’s not just a site populated by conservative clowns who bumble and stumble with illogic and misfacts. It should be called “Clown Car Hall”, because no matter how fast you shoot them down, […]

Limp Fundie Arguments

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Since I have a second oddly-suggestive photograph of Kim Jong-Il, I need to write a second article. Here are some comments I found on a fundie “news” site about the Christmas trees that the South Korean fundies are putting on the border to piss off the North Koreans. A Christian calling himself A_Proud_Infidel says: Overseas, […]

You Might be a Fundie If…

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

A fundie group in South Korea is going to put up three giant Christmas trees on the border with North Korea. This is part of the stupid back-and-forth provoking that these two immature siblings have been doing since the cease fire 58 years ago. They’re like little kids in the back seat on a long […]

Oh My God! They Killed Santa!

Friday, December 9th, 2011

(via Carlos Miller) And they seem pretty proud of it, too. Be sure to tag him, or you’ll get fined.