New Year, New Policy

Happy 2007! 2006 was a mixed bag, but I guess it was better than the several years preceding it. The public at large finally woke up to the Iraq war. The mid-term election gives us some hope of things finally turning around. Remember, though, we need to watch the Democrats closely, too. They need to deliver on their promises of reform.

In the spirit of reform, there is a big change afoot here at the Bay of Fundie. Commenting has just gotten easier!

Spam run amuck

What Spam is Really Made Of

Until now, I have required that you register and log in before you could post comments. This was because the spammers are incredibly persistent. The problem is that most people consider registering at yet another website to be a royal pain. I’ve installed a spam filter, so let’s all find out how well it works.

Starting today, I have turned off the registration requirement. You can still register and log in if you want, but there is not really any benefit to doing so.

From now on (or until the spammers beat the system), in order to leave a comment, all you have to do is click on the comment link at the bottom of every post, fill in you name and email address, then add your comment.

Your email address will not be published. It’s just part of the security system. I will never use the address to spam you. I will never give it to anyone else.

I don’t believe that the spam filter has a high false-positive rate (i.e., flags normal posts as spam). As far as I know, the thing works fairly quickly. If your comment does not appear within one minute, maybe it got flagged.

If you have any problems posting a comment, use the contact link in the sidebar to send me a note.

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