Special Ed(na) Strikes Back

Special Edna

Our slow theocrat, “Special Edna”, has replied to my last email. Let’s get to it! (If you missed the earlier installments, you should read part 1 and then part 2.)

Did I mention A religion? No. You tell me what religion I’m imposing on my fellow citizens. ‘None’ would be the correct answer.

Am I forcing MY religion on you? Not even close. You don’t know my religion.

I do not know what your religion is. It does not matter. What I do know is that you are trying to impose your religion onto others. I know this, because you so strongly object to my website. As I stated before, my site is exclusively devoted to resisting that activity.

You don’t want it so I can’t have it? You sound like Danny DeVito in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (‘Cuckoo’ being the operative word here): “BUT I WANT MY CIGARETTES!”

Where did I say that?

Don’t you believe in freedom? You know, you can’t have just your way or the highway. You must be more tolerant like the rest of the loony left. It’s their trademark.  You’re being a bit totalitarian ( you know, like a communist) when you impose these thoughts and do not allow others to think for themselves. Read ‘1984’. You may benefit from it.

I believe in freedom more strongly than you, obviously. I believe in the freedom of (and from) religion. You only believe in the freedom of your religion.

And for your information, totalitarianism is a political system in which the rules of behavior are imposed upon the populace by a strong central government. If you had comprehended 1984 when you read it, you’d know that. The only one trying to impose anything on anybody is you and your religion. My site is devoted to freedom of religion, which is the right of all people to choose the religion or non-religion that is right for them.

Do I care you DON’T have religion? Again, not even close.

I never claimed you did. In fact, what you believe is no concern of mine. You might try reciprocating that. You’ll have a lot less stress in your life.

Historically, has religion played a major role in the town square? Yes.

Are you pissed about that historical fact? Oh, yeah.

Historically, this country would not exist today if it weren’t for 400 years of slavery.

Are you pissed about that historical fact? I have no idea. What I do know is that past injustice does not excuse current injustice.

Man and beast share the same moral compass? Okay. You got me laughing there.

That’s because your reading comprehension is so low. We already established that. You had asked me where morality comes from, if not God, as if that was some atheism deal-breaker that I had never thought of. As if that were the deep dark secret of atheism that we keep hidden under the rug, hoping no one ever asks us about it.

I merely was informing you what the best scientific evidence shows. Time and again, science discovers that you don’t need to invoke the supernatural.

Read Leviticus? No, you read Leviticus. Sounds like you had religion beaten over your head so hard it hurts. I’ll respect your privacy as to what religion were you raised in, but man, did you go off the deep end!

You dodged that question completely. If God is the source of morality, why has morality done almost a total 180 in the years since Leviticus? So tell me. When do you plan to sell your daughter into slavery?

First, you don’t know what God can and cannot do…He’s God. You’re not.

You’re right. It is impossible to know what goes on in the “mind” of a non-existent entity.

Second…and you’ve made my point exactly…I do tolerate other beliefs, other systems of society…bring it on. I can live with it…You apparently cannot.

Really? Where did I say that? I know you can’t answer that, because you’ve already told me that you refuse to read my website. You know an awful lot about me for someone who hasn’t read my site.

Third, who’s to say there isn’t a ‘divine intervention’ aspect within underdeveloped societies that don’t have God in their universe?

If these other societies already have your God, then recall your god-damned missionaries, and stop ruining their cultures.

You’re making one big ass assumption that man does not explore his existence without the presupposition that something or someone created the beauty around him – that something divinely created him.

The Greek philosophers did a fine job. I guess a god isn’t necessary to think the big thoughts. In fact, a god gets in the way, by confining the bounds of that exploration.

We here in the West are a bit more evolved than, say, some bushmen of Tanzania. But from the stuff you’re spouting, looks like you’re trying to take us back a few millennia.

I’m trying to keep us firmly rooted in the 21st century. Theocrats like you are trying to drag us back to the 12th. Or do you want to go all the way back to Leviticus? You’ll probably get a better price for your daughter back there.

History is history, you can’t change that…or are you trying to? Get in the 21st century.

My irony meter has been pegged out since your email started. Now I think it just burned out. I’m sure of it. I smell something burning.

At lease Christianity evolved to love thy neighbor. That’s the basic message, in case you didn’t know.

You mean morality changes over time? That’s funny. I thought you said God gave us our morals.

Islamo-fascists want to kill everyone or enslave those that do not believe like them. Hey, and don’t forget, when those goons come a knocking at your door, you better be spouting that Quran like you’ve been doing it all your life if you don’t want to die.

So that gives Christo-fascists a free pass? Right.

The onus isn’t on me to prove to you that the Bible is the word of God. It’s my belief. The onus is on YOU to prove that it ISN’T. Good luck.

The burden of proof is on the person making the claim. You claim the Bible is the word of God. How do you know that? Because the Bible TELLS you that it is!

And we don’t have to continue this conversation, but you asked why I initially corresponded with you. Fascinating…just fascinating that you have a movement and a website to get God out of everyone’s life.

Cool! I have another website that I didn’t know about! Maybe it carries advertising! I’m going to be rich! So tell me. Where did I write all of that stuff you’re claiming?

And then you think everyone will really, really like each other and play nice?

Again, where did I write that? The only thing I ever said is that morality does not come from God. Christians rape and pillage and murder all the time. If that’s what morality from God is, I’ll take mine without.

After Madalyn Murray O’Hair went to her maker, I was praying this type of human-less thought was dead…but then it truly reaffirms my belief system after reading what you have to say.

Yet again, tell me where I said that. Jeezus fucking Christ, you couldn’t comprehend The Cat in the Hat, even if it were rewritten in moron.

Let’s not forget, we can thank Madalyn who legally removed prayer from the schools, and now we have kids bringing guns to school to kill people. (And that ain’t a very Christian thing to do.) You make the call.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc. Ring ring.

10 Responses to “Special Ed(na) Strikes Back”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I’m surprised you are still corresponding with this one.

    I love it when (apparently) right wingers toss out works of Orwell as an attack against various forms of leftist political thought.

    If you actually, you know, read Orwell, you find the focus is on totalitarianism, not communism (or lesser leftism). Some of his influence was certainly Lenin/Stalin in his plotlines, but so was also Hitler (Nazi Germany was not communist).

    Political views are complex. The left-right spectrum is very lacking, but so is the 2D left-right/top-bottom spectrum. When you say “Lenin was left of center and Democrats are left of center – YOU HATE FREEDOM QED,” you officially lose.

    Invoking Orwell in a debate is a bit like Godwin’s Law (invoking comparisons to Hitler), although it takes somebody who can at least color in the lines to bring up Orwell. Anybody can bring up Hitler.

    The irony is strong with this one. So is the persecution complex.

  2. Chuck Says:

    “We here in the West are a bit more evolved than, say, some bushmen of Tanzania.” Oh really? Is…that why Western countries have higher rates of all cancers and diabetes? Cuz I thought that species that were ‘more evolved’ were necessarily more fit to survive, since they had been naturally selected. Oh, wait, she probably believes in FSM-guided evolution – that must explain the theoretical disconnect.

    XD XD XD. One of my favorite insults you’ve ever had on this blog: “Jeezus fucking Christ, you couldn’t comprehend The Cat in the Hat, even if it were rewritten in moron.” You make me smile 😀

    Please keep playing with this one. She’s so much fun.

    I also love her fallacy, “Let’s not forget, we can thank Madalyn who legally removed prayer from the schools, and now we have kids bringing guns to school to kill people.”

    Hmm…let’s try that format out on – her! “Let’s not forget, we can thank Abraham Lincoln who legally removed slavery from America, and now we have black parents sending black children to public schools to learn.” Oh no! It didn’t work! Damn….

  3. rayceeya Says:

    Let’s not forget, we can thank Madalyn who legally removed prayer from the schools, and now we have kids bringing guns to school to kill people. (And that ain’t a very Christian thing to do.) You make the call.

    Are you kidding me? Lets look at Columbine, the most famous and brutal school shooting in recent history,

    From wikipedia,

    Eric David Harris was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas.

    Hmmmm Kansas, no overtly super christian bible thumpers there except for the ones trying to ban the teaching of evolution from all their schools.

    But the real fun starts with the other shooter Dylan Klebold,

    Dylan Bennet Klebold was born in Lakewood, Colorado. His parents, Thomas and Susan, attended a Lutheran church with their children, and Dylan and his older brother Byron attending confirmation classes in accordance with Lutheran tradition.

    So he was practically a born and bred choir boy. Let me just say WTF.

    Now before you respond I just want to point out that these flimsy transparent arguments are no flimsier nor more transparent than the bullshit your pen pal here is spouting.

    And yet they make exactly the opposite point.

  4. Mike aka MonolithTMA Says:

    If she had opened with the label “loony left” it would have saved a lot of time. She’s very clearly judged you and put you in a category and hasn’t really read and absorbed anything on this site.

  5. Fundi-lusional Says:

    I’d like to know where in anything I have ever read on this site, that you want to take other people’s rights away. This woman is batsh*t crazy, and OBVIOUSLY has read nothing here–she was probably afraid of being posessed by the debil if she read anything here.

  6. Modusoperandi Says:

    “Let’s not forget, we can thank Madalyn who legally removed prayer from the schools…”

    Sigh. It’s sad when people can’t get history right. Prayer is not banned in schools. School/teacher mandated prayer is. The difference is critical (under the same restricts that apply to other speech and other books, eg: between class = ok, during class = not so much).

    You can pray and read the Bible in school, but the school authorities can’t make you do it (freedom of religion and no establishment of it, simultaneously. America, what a country!).

  7. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Yea I had to correct fundie relatives of mine about “banned prayer.” It’s all a part of the fundie persecution complex — which is strong, like the dark side of the force.

  8. Brian Says:

    What a classic fundie. Not since Kevin Wirth have we had such a fine example of Christian paranoia grace this site.

    I love how she so obstinately ignores anything you say and imagines a completely different conversation than the one which took place. That is the hallmark of a person attempting to defend the indefensible. She has no rational basis for whatever she believes, and she knows it. Engaging in an honest exchange would threaten the fragile bubble of delusion she has cultivated around her all her life. Oh noes! We can’t have that!

    People like her cannot abide the fact that people like us live perfectly normal, happy lives without bowing obediently before her tyrannical celestial dictator. Knowing that her correspondence with you is probably coating her keyboard and monitor with a thick layer of angry spittle brings a little joy into my life. Please, keep her coming. I know debating an actual fundie is like shoveling water uphill, but this one is too entertaining.

  9. Mr Blur Says:

    They do say that Ignorance is Bliss, so she must be very happy.

    Ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and a closed mind – claasic case of fundie.

    I don’t know how you have the patience, really.

  10. 4ndyman Says:

    It really irks me when people pull out “communism” as an example of an obvious. We haven’t yet seen a state reach the communism outlined in The Communist Manifesto. What people are really thinking of is Leninism and Stalinism. Karl Marx has yet to be proven wrong. (And I just love pointing out that the man who wrote the Communist Manifesto also wrote “Das Kapital,” a treatise on Capitalism.)