Plague No. 7: Hail (of videos)

Sheesh! I didn’t want this to turn into just a video blog. I like video and audio, and I will continue to post them when I find noteworthy ones. I promise that the next posting will be a regular rant. In the meantime, let’s get a bunch of these videos out of the way.

I’m placing them in order of importance. If you lack the time or desire to watch them all, just start watching them in the order presented here and give up when you lose interest.

This first one is the best of the bunch. Richard Dawkins describes “God”. If you only want to watch one, this is it.

[Video removed by fascist copyright holder]

Almost as good is this one of Richard Dawkins on The Colbert Report.

[Video removed by fascist copyright holder]

Faithful reader Arin suggested the next one. It has actually been on my agenda for the last couple of weeks to show this one. Thanks for the reminder, Arin! In this video, Australian guerilla film-maker John Safran decides to see what would happen if an atheist pounded on the door of some Mormons.

[Video removed by fascist copyright holder]

The next two I found over at Too Many Tribbles. First up is some sort of British talk/quiz show.

[Video removed by fascist copyright holder]

Next is an environmental warning. Science-deniers may not want to look. (Original YouTube.)

This one is a couple of mob Xmas tales. (Original YouTube.)

I almost didn’t include this last one. I couldn’t decide if it’s stupid or funny. Santa meets Cops. (Original YouTube.)

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