Tighter Spam Control


I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated about the amount of spam that hits this site. It all goes into a folder of probable spam. I used to just ignore those and let them be deleted automatically. When I first implemented it two years ago, it had an almost-zero false-positive rate. That slowly crept up, and legitimate comments were getting deleted.

So for at least the last year, I have been manually checking the spam queue at least twice a day and fishing out stuff that got flagged incorrectly. This is annoying and a waste of time.

Starting today, I am adding a new spam filter (Bad Behavior) to the existing one (Akismet). We need to find out how well it works. If you have any problems leaving comments here (such as weird error messages or weird blog behavior when you submit your comment), or your comments don’t get posted, let me know, either by leaving me a comment here (if you can!) or by using the Contact form.

I’ll evaluate this thing over the next few weeks. Hopefully a lot less spam will make it into the queue for me to manually search.

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