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Moving cats

I finally managed to move this blog away from sucky 1and1 and over to dreamy DreamHost (although the experience so far has been a nightmare!).

If you’re seeing this message, that means you are looking at the new host. If you left a comment in the last few hours and it has disappeared, it has been lost to the sewer pipes of 1and1.

There wasn’t one single problem. It was a combination of many things. Bad documentation at both WordPress and Dreamhost are probably the biggest culprits.

I don’t see how they expect the average person to pull this off. Too many different technologies are involved, and most of them are specialized knowledge. It’s unreasonable to assume that normal people would know how to troubleshoot this stuff when it malfunctions.

There are a lot of super-simple instructions out there for how to move a blog. The problem with simple instructions is they assume that everything is set up exactly the way they have it and there are no circumstances that are the tiniest bit different and that nothing could possibly go wrong. If any of those assumptions is false, and I can guarantee you they frequently are, then the whole process runs off the rails. (That would be a Ruby joke, if it were involved here, but it’s not. Pity to waste a good joke.)

Anyway, I’m worn out. I hope I can post a real article this weekend, but if I don’t, you’ll know it was because the motivation was beaten out of me like a confession from an Iraqi in Guantanamo.


UPDATE: 2/21/09 @ 12:55 PM

The email for this domain has now been set up at the new host, so the Contact Form is now operating properly. If you used it in the 12 hours prior to this, the only people who would have seen your message are at the NSA.

For those of you who have my old email address, don’t use that anymore. It was getting too much spam, so I made a new one. When that gets too much spam, I’ll delete that too. The best way to contact me is through the Contact Form.

Finally, there might be a thing or two that didn’t quite get transferred properly. If you encounter a feature that was working previously but isn’t now, mention it in the comments to this post. (I know there are some glitches still from when I did the site redesign. I’m still planning to fix those, but my priority this last month was trying to figure out how to move the site.)

3 Responses to “Site Moved”

  1. vjack Says:

    Congrats on the move. I hope you enjoy your new digs.

  2. Jeff Eyges Says:

    Ron, did you ever get any sort of feedback from 1and1 – like, “sorry you think we’re douchebags”?

  3. Ron Britton Says:

    Of course not. Their callous indifference is one of the things that pissed me off. That and allowing my site to go down for 48 hours and not having any contingency plans. Can you imagine the damage that could do to a business that relies on its web presence? I’m paying for the “business package”, so I expected a professional level of service. And remember, there were a bunch of other sites on that same server.