Obama Haters: Sub-Pathetic Sub-Morons

I always try to include a graphic at the top of my articles. I usually try to find something funny that fits with the subject. You’ll notice nothing accompanies this article.

I wasted two hours last night, and I’m pissed. You can thank the Obama haters for that. They’re beyond worthless. They’re sucking up resources without contributing anything worthwhile to the debate. All they do is suck.

This started last night, when I wanted to make a rare off-topic post. It happened to be about Obama, so I thought I’d find some funny Obama picture to stick at the top. I was looking for something that was pro-Obama, or at least neutral, but it had to be funny. I discovered three things:

1. If you do a Google image search on Obama (and it doesn’t seem to matter which additional keywords you use) roughly 95% of what you find is virulently anti-Obama.

2. Of the 5% that are pro-Obama, they are all from the campaign, and therefore too dated to be useful here.

3. Virtually all of the anti-Obama stuff is truly, mind-bogglingly, universe-defyingly unfunny and unimaginative.

What the hell is wrong with the Obama haters (besides the reactionary, knee-jerk hatred of everything that is not Republican authoritarianism)?

After I gave up on trying to find a pro-Obama joke, I decided that maybe I’d publish one of the anti-Obama images to show what people on the other side are thinking. The problem is that I couldn’t find anything that I thought fairly attacked Obama for his policies or behavior. The even bigger problem is that I couldn’t find anything funny. Some of the stuff was so racist or hate-filled that I didn’t dare give it any more exposure. But most of it was just standard Republican talking points. Because Obama is a Democrat, then all of these apply: He taxes and spends, he takes your guns, he’s a socialist, he hates America, etc. etc. There’s no original thought in any of that. But, again, the bigger problem is that is that none of it was funny!

Obviously, I’m less inclined than an Obama-hater to think an anti-Obama joke is funny. However, I do know comedy. None of those cartoons and doctored photos are funny. Comedy has to be based on something real, and then skewed slightly. Good comedy has to reveal a truth or make a point about its subject. The Obama haters do none of this.

Let’s compare this situation with the mother lode of anti-Bush cartoons and graphics we had during the last administration. Many of those were funny, because they were based on Bush’s actions and policies. They demonstrated how flawed and dangerous those actions were. I can’t remember any good pro-Bush cartoons, because pro-fascism jokes just aren’t funny. However, if we go back to prior administrations, I remember there were a lot of pro-Republican jokes that were funny. I didn’t think they were super-funny, but that’s because of my own political persuasion. I definitely saw the humor in them, though, and could acknowledge the point they were making.

The anti-Obama stuff has none of that. But what’s even worse is just how pathetically feeble most of it is. Most of it is so feeble it would embarrass a second grader. Kindergartners could make more sophisticated stuff than most of what’s out there. Do a search yourself, if you don’t believe me.

(BTW, I was deliberately excluding political cartoons from my search. Some of those might be funny. Just try to find an anti-Obama picture made by an amateur, though. You can’t.)

11 Responses to “Obama Haters: Sub-Pathetic Sub-Morons”

  1. 4ndyman Says:

    I guess that the anti-Obama camp is just too rabid to even consider making light of his presidency, so they don’t see the point in spending the time and effort to be original. It’s horrible, too, because there are so many photos of Obama making hand jestures, striking poses, and in mid-speech that just cry out for a speech or thought bubble.

    As far as funny pix, though, I thought Barack and Superman and Jedi Master Obama Kenobi were pretty cute.

  2. Alcari Says:

    Have you tried Pundit Kitchen?

  3. Cobwebs Says:

    This one is one of my favorites (At the bottom of the post.)

  4. logoseph Says:

    I like this

  5. Ron Britton Says:


    I saw the Superman picture everywhere. I didn’t use it, because I don’t think the pedestal some people have placed him on is justified. I saw a low-rez copy of the Jedi picture somewhere. That’s a bit lower key, so I might have used it if I had found a good copy.


    Pundit Kitchen is an excellent suggestion. I already knew about the site, but it somehow slipped my mind. I should have gone there last night.


    That one was from the campaign, so it wasn’t what I was after. I remember seeing that when it came out. The election was far from certain at that point, and I remember being unconvinced that it would be accurate.


    That’s the other picture I saw a lot of last night. It’s quite telling that two of the most common images are just two variations on the same Superman picture. Another theme I saw a lot of was variations of Obama is Jesus/messiah/savior.

    So Alcari is right. Pundit Kitchen is the best place to go. Here’s my favorite of the dozen or so I looked at:

    Lincoln was 'inexperienced', too.

  6. Jeff Eyges Says:

    John Stewart had a picture of Obama dressed as a Greek warrior, a take-off on the old Greek mythology films, with the caption “Barack and the Obamanauts”. I couldn’t find it online.

    There is an organization called “Obamanauts”, but apparently their goal is to encourage the President to expand the space program.

    I like the idea of a picture of Barack as Christ only because I’m in favor of anything that enrages the fundies. It’s fun to watch them turn different colors. Seriously, though – It gives me satisfaction like nothing else does.

    I was such a sweet child. They’ve made me evil.

  7. Alex Says:

    Over at WorldNutDaily, Janet Porter is suggesting that Obama is most probably a Soviet communist sleeper agent. “I can’t prove whether it’s true or not, but in light of all that is happening, it just doesn’t seem that far-fetched anymore,” she writes. Well, it does seem that far fetched — given that much of the rest of WND is devoted to showing how Obama is secretly a Muslim terrorist.

    I don’t think the whackjobs can’t have it both ways: given that the two are sort of mutually exclusive, Obama is either a secret communist or a secret Muslim terrorist — but not both.

  8. Ron Britton Says:


    That’s fantastic! It’s one of the best right-wing loon-spouts I’ve read in a while.

  9. ericsan Says:

    Why can’t he be a secret muslim communist terrorist? I mean, seriously, do you expect any logic from these wackos?

  10. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Well, once again conservatives prove they have a terrible (non-existent?) sense of humor. Further proof comes from SadlyNo! where they present to us the Conservative’s brand new answer to Doonesbury. http://www.sadlyno.com/archives/16927.html

    Aside from the humor that they are finally “answering” a moderately liberal comic that has existing for forever plus three years and this is, apparently to them, a very modern, current, and compelling work of political humor, the fact remains that the strip itself is… well… it just has to be seen to be believed.

  11. (((Billy))) The Atheist Says:

    Humour requires mental flexibility.

    Humour requires the ability to look at things from more than one point of view.

    Humour has a liberal bias.