5000th Comment

Get dressed up and go to Wal-Mart

Yesterday, we hit a minor milestone here at Bay of Fundie. We received our 5000th comment! Woo hoo! I have 550 articles posted, so that’s an average of about 9 comments per article.

So who was the lucky commenter? It was Les of Stupid Evil Bastard. In regard to the “Wal-Mart Pervert Section”, he wrote:

There is actually a Playboy: The Mansion video game, but it was never released for the Nintendo Wii. You can get it on the PC, Xbox, and PS2, but it wasn’t a particularly good game.

And, Jan, dry up.

The Jan he is referring to is an illiterate fundie who was outraged at an article I wrote two years ago about an overly-fertile family. Jan’s comment was actually #4999. It would have been really funny if comment #5000 was a classic example of fundie ignorance and vitriol. Sorry, Jan! You lose in brains, you lose in education, you lose in tolerance, and you even lose in comments!

But what can we do to celebrate this milestone? What does Les win for being commenter #5000? Nothing and not much (respectively). I have no budget for prizes, so I’ll have to give him something that I pretend has value. A plug on this website! Woo hoo!

Les has his own website, Stupid Evil Bastard. I actually hadn’t read it until now, but it’s pretty good. Some of the stuff he covers is general interest, but a lot of it is about crazy fundies! If you read BoF (and honestly, WHY?), then you owe it to yourself to check out SEB. On his home page alone, right now you’ll see these thrilling articles:

The other thing we see on his home page is that he has 74,243 comments and 6224 posts! Wow. Thanks for making me feel inferior, Les! Bastard.

2 Responses to “5000th Comment”

  1. Jeff Eyges Says:

    That clipping pretty much says it all. God Bless America.

    I’m in favor of petitioning England to take us back. We aren’t ready for independence.

  2. Les Says:

    In your defense I have been blabbing away pointlessly about whatever has caught my attention for almost 8 years now so you tend to build up a few entries and comments along the way. And I tend to use a lot of sarcasm and snark in my entries which tends to attract a fair amount of people commenting just to tell me what a mean jerk I am.

    Congrats on your milestone! I’m quite pleased I got to be a part of it. It makes up for not being able to win the lottery. Well, not really, but it helps dull the disappointment a little. 🙂