Browser Problems

Those of you running Internet Explorer 6 will have noticed that the header on this page is screwy. This web site is (usually) 100% compliant with W3C XHTML standards. Your software is buggy, not this site. Microsoft has released IE7. I haven’t used it, so I don’t know if that adheres to W3C standards, either. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did’t.

You should really switch to a better browser. You’ll be glad you did. Your best bet is probably Firefox. Check that one out first. I like Camino, which is a relative of Firefox with a lean, clean interface, but it’s occasionally sluggish.

One Response to “Browser Problems”

  1. The Watcher Says:

    Google Video has some, but I don’t think it’s quite what you’re looking for. They have whole episodes, but they charge you two bucks apiece. There are some clips though, so you may be able to find what you’re looking for with the right combination of search terms.