Greetings from a Crappy Blog

By now, you have probably heard that YouTube was forced to remove all content from Comedy Central, as well as just about everything else. The only stuff left is about two million videos of skateboarders falling off of railings.

I do believe in copyright and intellectual property, but I believe in liberal fair use laws. The mega-corporations have bought Congress, so they are rewriting the copyright laws to severely restrict fair use.

To be “fair”, the posting of entire Daily Show segments to YouTube probably never fell under the fair use umbrella, even in the days before the corruption of the copyright laws. Nevertheless, I am bummed that I can’t watch them there anymore.

In several prior posts, I had linked to Daily Show and Colbert Report segments on YouTube. If you go to those posts now and click on the Play button, you will see that they don’t work. There is nothing wrong with your browser or this blog. The problem is giant corporations being dickish.

If that weren’t bad enough, they have to rub salt in our wounds. Comedy Central is running a commercial to promote their own web site:

Missed any shows? Now you don’t have to get it one piece at a time from some crappy blog!


For more info about which way things are heading, visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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