Vote November 7th

Remember to vote on November 7th! We need to get rid of some of these threats to freedom and democracy. For a profile on how your Congressional representatives have been doing, go to the Secular Coalition for America’s scorecard. Compare their performance with what you know of their challengers’ beliefs and vote accordingly. There are few ideal candidates, so in most cases you’ll have to accept the lesser of two evils.

I usually lean toward third-party candidates, because the two major parties are so corrupt. They really are more concerned with preserving their way of doing business than they are with voting their conscience. For the 2006 election, though, the Democrats should get our votes in most jurisdictions.

The country has been under the control of the radical wing of the Republican party for too long. Even moderate Republicans vote with the extremists, because the system they’ve set up protects the seats of every party member who plays ball. Yes, the Democrats set up the same type of system when they have the chance, but they’ve never damaged the country to the extent that the current brand of Republicanism is doing.

Let’s work on taking power away from the fundies on this election. Then if you are inclined to work on fixing the broken parts of our two-party system, or if you have a plan for restoring the good traits of the Republican party, you can work on that later. You’ll have the time then. Right now, the radical Republicans are destroying more of our civil rights every day. We have to remove the cancer before we can even think about curing the patient’s cold.

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