A History of Neocons

As stated in an earlier article, we have a theocon in the White House, who is being influenced by all of the neocons around him. This is a background article on the neocons.

The “Reagan Revolution” of the 1980s saw the beginnings of what would later become the neocons. Pappy Bush was probably not a member of this group. He was, after all, talking about the New World Order, which had internationalist overtones — something anathema to the right wing today. Bob Dole certainly was not a neocon. Neither was Bill Clinton, who was the best Republican President we’ve had since Eisenhower.

Congress always had a few neocons. Jessie Helms, the rabid isolationist, was one, although he had been a right-wing nutjob so long that we should call him an oldie-con. The first true emergence of the neocons was in the Republican sweep of Congress in the mid-term elections of 1994. That’s when Newt Gingrich and his wolfpack swarmed into town with their “Contract on America”. Fortunately, this early attempt petered out.

The neocons regrouped and managed to completely take over the Republican Party’s inner circle by the late ’90s. In 1999, they went looking for somebody they could sell to the American people. They needed a front-man. The Shrub fit that bill perfectly.

Dubya was a member of the powerful Bush clan, whose influence in the party was broad and deep. Although he had barely succeeded in anything he did (and failed at the rest), he had that Texas charm. I don’t fall for it myself, but maybe that’s because I’m a cynical Left-Coaster. W had an affable charisma that managed to win over most of the middle-Americans that he met. The fact that he could only mentally compete in the featherweight division was so much the better. The neocons now in control of the Republican Party didn’t need independent thought. They only needed someone who could get elected and push their agenda through Congress.

Starting early

Both parties try to pick their Presidential nominees as early in the process as possible. They don’t want all of the hopefuls in their own party sniping at each other on television for several months. The public doesn’t remember the good things about a candidate. All they remember is the mud they’ve heard, even if it isn’t true. Furthermore, the sooner in the Primary process that a party’s candidate is chosen, the sooner the party can take advantage of all of that free media coverage to promote their guy over the other party’s.

In 1999, the GOP took this to the extreme. They didn’t even wait for the Iowa Caucuses or the New Hampshire Primary. They just decided in a smoke-filled room (I’m sure it was smoke-filled. I can’t imagine that the Republicans would do their conniving in a room in California, Massachusetts, or New York, where progressive laws protect free breathing.) that W would be their best bet. Their apple cart was almost upset by the unexpected popularity of John McCain in the Primaries. They quickly put him out of their misery by slinging some especially nasty mud.

If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway

Fast forward to the election in November 2000. Despite all of their best efforts, even as late as 2000 there was enough common sense remaining in this country that Al Gore won the election.

That’s right. Al Gore won the election.

Gore won the popular vote, and the evidence is overwhelming that he won Florida as well. But lucky for the neocons, they had already installed one of their own in the Florida statehouse. None other than Junior’s very own brother, Jeb! Jeb conspired with Republican insider and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to override state law and give the election to W. When this was challenged, the Republican appointees on the Supreme Court paid back their political debt by installing W into the White House. All of that Republican planning had paid off!

For those of you who like to think that your beloved Shrub actually won, here are the facts. More people voted for Gore than Bush. OK, that’s not how Presidents are selected, but it doesn’t change the fact that most Americans who voted didn’t want your guy. A minority is not a mandate!

We’ll never know for certain what the actual Florida vote count was. The activist judges on the Republican-controlled Supreme Court made sure of that. Note that they didn’t bother to intervene until the recount was showing that Bush’s lead of only a few hundred votes was rapidly slipping away! Even if the final count had shown a small margin for Bush, you still need to factor in the Butterfly Ballot. That fiasco was a result of incompetence, not Republican malfeasance, but the result is the same. Thousands of Gore votes were incompetently diverted to ultra-con Pat Buchanan. And this was in a heavily-Democratic district in which Buchanan didn’t even campaign.

Based upon his numbers in all of the other districts, you can estimate what Buchanan would have drawn with a fair ballot. His numbers in that district were many times what they should have been. This is a statistical near-impossibility. Those several-thousand votes would have overwhelmed Bush’s slim majority and given Florida to Gore.

The evidence is clear: The majority of Floridians voted for Gore. For all of you -cons out there (neo-, theo-, and otherwise), don’t bother to scream at me about sour grapes. Everything is this section is established fact. If you aren’t happy about that, why don’t you go read your Bible? I’m sure there are a lot of “facts” in there that are much more to your liking.

Now fix the intel

As for the 2004 election, Bush probably won that because of the fraudulent Iraq war. People are reluctant to turn against a President in times of national crisis. The fact that Bush put us into that crisis seems to have been lost on most people. Rather than search for Osama and fight terror, Bush decided to go into Iraq (for many reasons, some of which we’ll discuss in other articles).

Bush repeated so many times his blatant lie about Saddam Hussein being involved in Sept. 11 that the majority of Americans believed him! If anybody reading this ever believed that lie, beat yourself about the head and shoulders! It’s a lie! It’s a lie now. It was a lie then. It has never been true, and never been asserted by the intelligence community. If you believed Bush, you either need to stop watching Fox News, or you are a retard! (Actually, if you watch Fox News, you probably are a retard!)

And don’t write in defending the war on any of the other grounds. They’re all baseless! I’ll forgive you if you thought there were WMDs in Iraq. A lot of people did. Bush didn’t. He knew they weren’t there, but he withheld that intelligence from us. (Isn’t it weird seeing “Bush” and “intelligence” in the same sentence?)

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