Rock and Roll Killed Sharon Tate

I’m on a bunch of fundie email lists, in order to keep an eye on these people. This morning, I received the following from Bill Johnson of the American Decency Association:—”unmonitored monument to our fallen culture”

I ask three questions of Steve Ensley, executive director of American Family Online, regarding the hazards of

Question 1 —
The Internet is a powerful tool having many benefits. But, Christians need to be discerning as to how they use it and what they use. One concern that has become very alarming is Are you concerned about and if so why?

So far so good. Nothing wrong with people taking responsibility for themselves in determining what content is appropriate for their family (although it must be horrible to actually grow up in one of those families). Here is part of Mr. Ensley’s response:

I’m not sure there are words that are strong enough to express my concerns about, but maybe some examples of what is on the very front page today will say it better. Immediately on the front page, which cannot be avoided if you go to, is an interview with Marilyn Manson the convicted killer making him out to be a cult hero.

They don’t need to make him out to be a cult hero. Marilyn Manson is already a cult hero to many, but not for the reasons these two fundie pinheads assume. Barely over an hour later, I received this email from our dear Mr. Bill Johnson:


It was Charles Manson that was the convicted murderer not Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson is a shock rocker.

My sincere apologies,
Bill Johnson

This is rather comical, really. Maybe BJ should have spent a little time in the ‘90s watching MTV.

So what’s the problem here? Am I making fun of these idiots because of a simple mistake? No. Anybody can make a mistake. If you read this site long enough, you’re bound to find a few of mine. The problem is that neither of these morons caught the mistake.

American Family Online is an internet filter service for the type of parents who are offended by a one-second glimpse of Janet Jackson’s nipple. I’ve never even heard of Steve Ensley, although he clearly is one of the “brains” behind this particular internet nipple-filter. Old BJ makes Ensley out as some sort of authority figure (or cult hero) of internet muff muffling.

If Ensley is such an expert, how did he make this mistake? Did he run his answers by anybody else at his company before sending them to BJ? And if they don’t know the difference between a rock star (even if it is one that they find offensive) and a killer, then how good can their internet filter be?

Why didn’t BJ catch it? Does nobody proofread his screeds before he sends them out? Does nobody vet his articles for accuracy?

Most troubling, and my real complaint, is the brevity of BJ’s correction. Does he explain how the mistake occurred? Does he tell us what steps he is taking to ensure that further rants will be more accurate? No.

That’s what’s wrong with these people. They don’t care about the facts. They’re so sure they’re right that they don’t need to double-check. First impressions are good enough for them. If it supports their preconceptions, don’t look too hard. They wouldn’t want to be confused by the facts.

It is funny, though. BTW, here is a screenshot of MySpace. You’d have to be a total retard to think that they’re talking about Charles Manson or murder. BJ and Ensley are probably so far removed from mainstream American culture that they think that Danny Elfman is the Travelocity gnome.

What BJ saw on MySpace

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