The Almost-Atheist Christmas

I almost forgot about this. This is my only YouTube video. I also posted it last year at this time.

This is some weird film (maybe from the early 1950s?) about two puppets. One of them is skeptical about the prevailing dogma, but he doesn’t follow through to its logical conclusion.

4 Responses to “The Almost-Atheist Christmas”

  1. ericsan Says:

    Holy sh!t this is really creepy. Nice job of substituting visible for “measurable and repeatable.” That’s how you build a completely ridiculous argument into something that almost appears to make sense.

  2. Dana Hunter Says:

    That was disturbing. For a moment, I took comfort in thinking that kind of indoctrination went out in the 50s, but it really hasn’t. Sad to say, the only thing that’s changed about the propaganda since then is the quality of the puppets – the arguments are still the same lame fare.

    Happy Solstice!

  3. Troy Says:

    Electricity, heat, and wind may not be visible, but they are observable. The subtleties of propaganda are often just false analogies.

  4. Parrotlover77 Says:

    It really doesn’t take too much. When you are looking for something to be true, the smallest thing can make all the difference in reinforcing your belief.