Theocons: The Bastard Children of Fundies and Neocons

The U.S. government is being run by a cabal of neocons. Cheney, et. al, are subscribers to the PNAC doctrine.

The neocon agenda is not a religious one. They are out to make America the lone dominant world power. Even our current situation of being the biggest kid on the block is untenable to them. They want to be the only kid. If they manage to line their own pockets with billions of dollars along the way, so much the better.

The neocon agenda, by a longshot, is not in the best interests of the U.S. or the vast majority of its citizens, let alone anybody else in the world. The neoconjob is outside the scope of this website, except where it overlaps with religious fundamentalism. I suggest you check out some of the websites devoted exclusively to the wider PNAC threat.

George W Bush shares many of the neocon beliefs, but he is also a fundie. It is unclear at times which of these two “moral codes” is more important to him.

Although many people like to think that Bush is a mere puppet, I have not seen sufficient evidence of this. There is no question that Bush is more heavily influenced (manipulated may be a better word) by the people around him than any other President in living memory (With the possible exception of Reagan. He was manipulated by Nancy, who was manipulated by her astrologer.).

Here’s the problem

Bush is not a puppet, but he is pliable. Most of the Bush White House and other key Washington positions are now held by neocons. This cabal is making many of the decisions that are supposed to be made by a strong President who has the best interests of the American people in mind (not just the American people who own Haliburton).

Instead, many decisions are made by the neocon cabal and a weak President. A President, by the way, who thinks he converses with God on a regular basis, and whom God has personally chosen to execute the war (and Bush loves to execute!).

The neocons want the U.S. to control the world’s oil supplies. Fundies want war in the Middle East to hasten the End Times (we’ll be covering a lot of these details in future articles). Many neocon goals dovetail with fundie beliefs. All Cheney has to do to get Dubya to start a war with Iraq (and now, apparently, Iran!!) is to frame it in terms that he can understand. Tell him it’s God’s will, and you won’t have to ask him twice.

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