I’m Super! Thanks for Asking!

It turns out that it isn’t the “gay agenda” that is converting people to homosexuality. If the fundies really want to stop Ellen DeGeneres and her mad scheme, all they have to do is ban Ovaltine. They’d better hurry. It can happen overnight!

Have a fabulous morning!

7 Responses to “I’m Super! Thanks for Asking!”

  1. CybrgnX Says:

    This explains the odd feelings I’ve been having since the weather has gotten cold enough to drink hot Ovaltine. Well it does say you will feel vital and renewed.

  2. OtherRob Says:

    Good thing it wasn’t Bosco. I might’ve caught teh gay….

  3. Kevin Says:

    wait, that’s it? a crummy commercial?

    (don’t you think I look cute in this hat?)

  4. Joe Max Says:

    “Plain and chocolate flavored”?

    What, pray tell, is “plain” flavored?

  5. Ron Britton Says:

    What, pray tell, is “plain” flavored?


  6. freddies_dead Says:

    What, pray tell, is “plain” flavored?

    Well Portia De Rossi would probably say it tastes like Ellen…

  7. Craig Says:

    Look at the time the poster was made. Plain obviously means white.