A Rabid Defense of My Extreme Radical Faith

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This morning, I received an email via the contact form on this blog. I won’t give the emailer’s name, since he didn’t publish his thoughts publicly in the comments to a post. I’ve already replied to him privately. I’m going to post his comments here as well, because I’ve received comments like his in the past. This particular email is an especially good example of what I get to enjoy privately on a semi-regular basis. It would be selfish to keep such splendid entertainment to myself. It must be shared!

The emailer wrote:

Your rabid defense of evolution, and seeming complete ignorance of what most ID scientists are actually saying, indicates your extreme radical faith in a ‘science’ that still cannot explain the origin of life. It takes a lot of faith to have such an undying belief against ID OR creationism, especially in light of recent discoveries about the amazing workings of just a single human cell.

I replied:

Evolution needs no defense. It is solid proven fact. My “rabid defense”, as you characterize it, is of our school system, to protect it from infection by religious doctrine, which is exactly what ID creationism is. There is no such thing as an “ID scientist”, because those people, by definition, are not doing science. When they eventually start publishing in peer-reviewed journals and start making testable predictions based on their “theory”, then maybe they will have earned the right to call themselves scientists.

All of the amazing workings of the cell are best explained by evolutionary theory.

It is you who have the “extreme radical faith”, because ID creationism has no solid evidence behind it. Believing it despite any evidence is what takes faith.

I have no faith in evolution. My “faith” is in the process of science, which is what led us to discover evolution.

The origin of life is a red herring. Although it is a good question, it is completely irrelevant. God could have poofed the first cell into existence, but that would still neither disprove evolution nor prove ID creationism.

Get an education before you spout your mouth off next time. You won’t come off as such a blithering idiot.

Maybe you could read a science book while you're sitting there.

20 Responses to “A Rabid Defense of My Extreme Radical Faith”

  1. Bart v.d. M. Says:

    Pfff, and you get this stuff every day? I myself wouldn’t respond to emails that are as meaningless as this one, especially if they are sent on a regular basis. If the workings of a cell are so amazing, then why does it take more faith to believe they evolved over millions of years than to think they were created in a single day?

  2. Ron Britton Says:


    I don’t get these every day. They do show up periodically. This one was well-focussed. Some just ramble. One (a young-Earth creationist, which is even worse) had the gall to tell me that I didn’t know much about evolution.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Oy vey, just kill it with fire, Ron. Seriously.

  4. Bart v.d. M. Says:

    Well, maybe you haven’t played through enough of the Pokemon games to know what evolution is really about? 😉

    By the way, I did’t seriously mean ‘every day’, was just using a hyperbole to express my amazement at the lack of Intelligence with which the email was Designed.

  5. ericsan Says:

    I’m with Bart, I don’t understand how you have the energy to respond to such a scary display of ignorance. These people are not interested in a constructive exchange, logic or reason: they only want to push their religious agenda.

  6. Josh Nankivel Says:

    Nice. I’ve received some comments already from the same ilk. A contributor to non-theist.com wrote this up recently:

    Evolution is a Fact and a Theory


  7. 8643 Says:

    “still cannot explain the origin of life.”

    IT DOESN’T TRY!!! Evolution is how life CHANGES.

  8. TheRealistMom Says:

    I simply admire all of you who read this tripe on a regular basis and still maintain some measure of sanity. Or I assume you do. Have sanity, that is.

  9. Parrotlover77 Says:

    This Thanksgiving, I was treated to a nice rant by a fundie relative about the LHC. I was highly amused. They saying things like, “if these scientists keep trying to recreate the big bang, we’re all going to be in trouble soon — they don’t know what the hell they are doing” and, “they don’t believe in God, but God will make them believe soon enough, you just wait and see!” Yum. It was almost as delicious as the mashed potatos. MMMMM. Love me my crazy fundie relatives.

  10. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Sorry, actually two fundie relatives. Also, I just realized the above post contains some atrocious grammar. Must be the full belly…

  11. Rogi Says:

    I think part of the reason IDists and Creationists keep on conflating evolution with abiogenesis and at times every other scientific theory known to us (big bang, “universal evolution” whatever that is) is because of their innate inability to separate the forces at work. In their mind there is only one force/principle at work, God.

  12. Bart v.d. M. Says:

    Yeah, Rogi, they remind me of the people who need multi-use stuff for everything, because they’re too stupid to think about more objects than one. It’s gotta be an all-in-one tool or their brains will blow up.

    “NEW from Moses inc.: God, the one solution to all your problems! Consult the Holy Owner’s Manual to read everything he can do! (Money won’t be returned if the product disappoints, because it won’t, that’s our belief.)”

    And the best advantage? It’s such a simple explanation! Never mind the fact that it isn’t an explanation at all, but only a weird, made-up detail with the reminder “God works in mysterious ways, so stop asking questions!”.

  13. aioine Says:

    Reminds me of the presentation I did last week in my public speaking class about why evolution should be taught in science classrooms as opposed to ID. A very religious Muslim in my class totally went after me after the presentation ranting about the complexity and specialization of the eye, and how could it have possibly been a product of natural selection? He didn’t really listen to what I was trying to explain to him and just kept repeating the same arguments. Nice guy, but obviously didn’t really get it.

  14. Sue Blue Says:

    Damn – the arguments just never change, do they? These fundies sound like robots all programmed to respond exactly the same way, all the time. If the bible said the sky should look green, it wouldn’t matter how many scientific tests proved that it looks blue, or how many non-christians said it was blue, or even if you held up some object that christians agreed was blue against a clear sky and frigging showed them that the sky was the same color – nope, nosiree, by Jiminy; God’s Holy Word says it green.

    I was talking with an old family friend just a couple of days ago, and somehow we got on the topic of genetic engineering. I mentioned that I had just heard that scientists are close to sequencing the entire Neanderthal genome. Now, this guy is a retired minister. His answer as to why we share 98% of our genome with chimps, 60% with oak trees, and most of the rest with every living thing on earth was that God just used the same tried and true material to create all his creatures. I said tht if Genesis was true, then human beings should be radically different from every other creature. After all, the bible said god just poofed all the plants and animals into existence with a word, while he formed man out of “the dust of the ground” in his own image.

    No answer for that one.

  15. cipher Says:

    They’ve been able to extract enough DNA to sequence the entire Neanderthal genome? Enough survived?

  16. Sue Blue Says:

    Cipher – they’ve found it in teeth, apparently. I don’t think they have to be able to extract a lot of it; the gene sequencers are able to extrapolate from tiny fragments.

  17. Sue Blue Says:

    Also, over on the Richard Dawkins Foundation website, there’s an article about bringing back mammoths; it talks about the progress that’s been made on both the mammoth and Neanderthal genomes.

  18. Sue Blue Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include a link for the mammoth/Neanderthal article.

  19. cipher Says:

    Ten million bucks, eh? Well, technology is always expensive when it’s new. Give it a couple years, you’ll be able to get one at Best Buy for $99.95.

  20. J. A. Baker Says:

    Ron, next time you receive one of these e-mails, you could just point to this post and say “You Fail Biology Forever“.