Carnival of the Godless #105

Carnival of the Godless

It’s time for you to head over to Antimattr, where you’ll find the 105th installment of the Carnival of the Godless.

There’s a good mix of articles, but the one I enjoyed far more than the others is “The Divine Assumption” by Akusai at Action Skeptics. It’s an examination of the logic used when discussing God:

Others have said it before: theology is kind of like arguing Star Trek canon, and theologists are kind of like Trekkies. They haven’t established that the primary subject of their research exists, and so all of their argumentation boils down to wankery and trivia. Making arguments about the features of God, in the absence of good evidence that the deity exists, is a lot like arguing whether or not James Tiberius Kirk would have made some important decision given his actions in a previous episode.

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  1. Akusai Says:

    Thanks much for the link love. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.