The Watcher Watches Movie Reviews

The Watcher, over at Fundie Watch, enjoys reading movie reviews written by fundies. They always display a warped view of reality. Their latest assault on common sense comes from a fundie review of the current Will Ferrell comedy, Talledega Nights. The Watcher has a few choice words for the reviewer:

Yeah, you’re right […]. It really is much worse to make fun of the Christian majority in this country that holds all the power in Congress and 80% of the citizenry than it is to smart off about a persecuted minority. When are you people going to wake up, realize how much power you have in this country, and stop claiming that you’re “persecuted?”

But my favorite line in his article is when he tells the reviewer:

Now stop drinking out of the toilet and join the rest of the human race.

Go on over to Fundie Watch and read the entire article.

2 Responses to “The Watcher Watches Movie Reviews”

  1. reluctantatheist Says:

    This is fairly common among the xtians. I’ve actually read reviews about ‘Troy’ on Amazon, where some deranged xtian carried on about having the statues of the gods shown. Most xtians don’t like the movie ‘Saved’, since it mocks their precious little religion.

  2. Ron Britton Says:

    The fact that these reviewers express what so many other fundies are thinking is what’s so funny/sad. If these were just a couple of screwball reveiws, it wouldn’t mean much; you can find all sorts of solitary loonies on the internet. The fact that millions of people think just like these reviewers is what’s so mind blowing.

    You mentioned Amazon. That’s actually an article I’m planning to do one of these days — looking at some reviews on Amazon and making fun of them. (Either that or get depressed that these people are in control of the government right now.)