Expelled on DVD

I don't know either

Expelled came out on DVD Tuesday. Supposedly the filmmakers managed to get a good distribution deal, so it will be widely available in places such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. That will make it all too easy for the mouth-breathers to find a copy to take home to the trailer to set next to their Jesus air freshener.

Because fundies stink

A lot of the major fundie sites are pushing the DVD onto their flocks. Some of them are putting it into bundles with other anti-evolution, anti-intellect products. Over at Access Research Network (whose motto is “Just as stupid as the Discovery Institute, but we do it for free!”), they’ve bundled it with Kevin Wirth’s crayon scribble, Slaughter of the Dissidents, and some creationist DVDs.

Until last week, a lot of the fundie sites were pushing it with this ad:

Smells more like number two

In case you can’t read that, it says “Thank you America for making Expelled the #1 documentary of 2008”. Shocking, I know, but it was true Of course, the filmmakers have a very loose definition of “documentary”, here, but that goes along with their very loose grasp of facts and intellectual honesty. Just for fun, let’s take a look at Box Office Mojo and see what the top documentaries are (there are only two from 2008 in this excerpt):

Smells more like number two

Oh, darn! Expelled is no longer the top documentary of 2008! It was beaten by Religulous. And Religulous managed to do that in only its third week of release. And it did that without subsidized ticket sales. Once again, rationality trumps religion.

Here’s another ad the fundies have been using lately:

Teh ebil lubruls!

It would be more accurate to say “The movie that the critics don’t want you to see!” It was universally panned by every critic who didn’t have a vested interest in pushing ID creationism.

We can go to Amazon for some amusement. Here’s the breakdown of the customer reviews:

Bipolar reviews

This is an amusing little war that’s currently waging. All of those five-star reviews are by fundies desperately trying to raise the film’s average rating, and most of the one-star reviews are by “evolutionists” who are trying to “suppress” the “truth” about “Darwinism”!

Lastly, we know there are a lot of fundies out there, so the fact that this is selling well is not surprising. After all, one of the most horrible books of all time is a perennial best seller. What’s troubling is how Amazon (and presumably other retailers) has this festering stinkpile categorized:

Help Jonny learn to count the bodies at Auschwitz

I don’t know where they got the idea this was a comedy. Expelled isn’t so bad it’s funny. It’s so bad it’s tragic. And what’s the deal on “Kids and Family”? Yeah. Sure. Concentration camps and eugenics are perfect babysitters for the kids. Put it on right after Veggie Tales!

14 Responses to “Expelled on DVD”

  1. mandrellian Says:

    Those complete clowns. Not content to bullshit the world in their little movie, they now have to bullshit the world about how well the movie did too … forehead, meet palm.

    Here’s my wishlist from a few weeks ago:


  2. Sue Blue Says:

    Don’t all crappy movies go “straight to DVD”? I don’t know why they didn’t just release that load of shit on DVD in the first place instead of embarrassing themselves in theaters. But then, idiots like Ben Stein et al., probably aren’t capable of such a refined emotion as embarrassment.

  3. Kevin Says:

    you know, those trailer park folks could probably get all their shopping done in one place. Expelled seems like just the kind of high quality product one could expect to find at the Archie McPhee website

  4. Spamamander Says:

    Hey now, I live in a manufactured home. It’s not in a trailer park though.

    We aren’t ALL beer-swillin’, NASCAR-watchin’, ign’ernt fundie fucktards.

  5. LadyRavana Says:

    I wouldn’t call Expelled a documentary. Mockumentary is more accurate. :p

    However, as a side note, I’d LOVE to see Religulous. Bill Maher is made of WIN where Ben Stein is made of FAIL.

  6. Sarah Says:

    I’m seeing Religulous on Sunday XD The irony!

  7. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Sarah – Do tell us how it is! My wife wants to see it badly.

  8. Enshoku Says:

    Quite a brilliant article, but if I see another picture of Ben Stein in shorts someone is gonna die…probably me.

  9. Andrew N.P. Says:

    Look at the critical acclaim on the DVD cover. It’s from Ben Stein himself. It’s like these people know that this movie is a friggin’ joke.

    Oh, darn! Expelled is no longer the top documentary of 2008! It was beaten by Religulous. And Religulous managed to do that in only its third week of release. And it did that without subsidized ticket sales. Once again, rationality trumps religion.

    And it only opened in half as many theaters. And it had a smaller budget than Expelled. By any measure, the fundies got pwned.

    It would be more accurate to say “The movie that the critics don’t want you to see!”

    Alternately, “The movie that you don’t want to see!”

  10. Sarah Says:

    Parrotlover: It was funny as all hell. It combined Maher’s hilarity and cynicism with hard deduction and an abundance of explanation through example. The movie was mostly him interviewing (from a truck-stop church, a guy claiming to be the second coming, nutsy priests at the Vatican, Christian amusement parks, no I’m not kidding, and to the supposed ‘experts’ of each of the big three) and him constantly bashing them with their own statements, asking them critical questions, and forcing them to stick to the issue.

    There were so many awkward silences too whenever he started asking them questions…and then the blantant lying was just hysterical. He did interview a lot of ignorant followers, but most of them were just lying in order to justify their beliefs. It was pretty pathetic on their part, but it just goes to show you that they are all the same.

    Completely worth the 9 bucks I paid to get in. Beyond worth it. I haven’t laughed that hard since the South Park movie XD

    It does suck though because he definitely will a lot of shit for what he did and most of the theist community probably thinks that he was attacking them unfairly or that he wasn’t asking the RIGHT questions (because apparently, questions can be wrong…o.0)

    But the reports above are encouraging. Either that means that all the fundies are just masochistic or that there is a lot more support against religion than we originally thought.

  11. Sarah Says:

    I just looked at the cover for the first time and on the front is says, “**** I LOVE THIS FILM”-Ben Stein.


  12. LadyRavana Says:


    Wow, just wow. I CANNOT believe that level of ego.

    XD! Oh, I gotta see Religulous now. Bill Maher calling the crazies on their bullshit.

    And well…I think Bill’s pretty ballsy for doing this film. And well, flak is to be expected, but he can handle it. It’s kind of his thing to shake things up, so to speak. It seems like he’s either hated or loved. My mom and I are fans of his. XD! He’s pretty much the only political commentator I actually listen to. Him and Keith Obermann.

  13. S. Says:

    that’s a common tactic on amazon,I’ve noticed.and you can tell from some of the reviews on many of the items,many of these types of reviewers haven’t even SEEN or read what they are reviewing!
    I truly wish amazon would LIMIT reviews to those who have actually PURCHASED the item.

  14. Lindsay Says:

    Religulous was a great film. I have to give Bill some credit…he was a lot more respectful than I thought he would be. The fundies, in general behaved a lot better than I thought they would as well. Except for Ken Ham…truly an all around dick (not that that hasn’t been known for some time).

    This movie isn’t out to convert anyone, but the end definitely had a strong message to those who were agnostic, atheist or just plain non-religious.