Impeach Clinton

The new bumper stickers arrive Nov. 5

This isn’t the bumper sticker I was looking for, but it’s the only one I could find. This one came along a little later in the Clinton administration, because it specifically references Hillary. I was looking for one specifically about Bill.

I saw the first “Impeach Clinton” bumper sticker in December of 1992. If you remember your history, Clinton didn’t take office until January of 1993. That’s right. The extreme right was already trying to figure out how to destroy the Clinton presidency before he even took office. The next eight years were a non-stop smearfest and constant series of lawsuits and investigations. Anything to damage the President and impair his ability to govern.

I just wanted to remind you what we will be in for in case the Republicans are unable to steal this election.

9 Responses to “Impeach Clinton”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I’ve read on several blogs now this exact same point. The so-called left wing media will be describing a failed Obama presidency the day it begins. ZOMG did Amerikkka make the right choice when it elected that silly uppity n$#@r to the white house?

    It amazes me how anybody can think the media is left-wing biased. It aboslutely amazes me.

  2. Thomas Says:

    I don’t mean to bait the right wingers but I’m fairly certain that there will be a lot more than just name calling and legal machinations.

    Fear actual violence when this election comes to fruition.

    I hope I’m just paranoid.

  3. Lugosi Says:

    Hard to say what will happen. If the Democrats substantially increase their majorities in both the House and the Senate, it will be extremely difficult for the right wing nut jobs to lauch any type of serious opposition.
    That’s why I’m voting for the one true American in this presidential race.

  4. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Protests are more the realm of liberals. I think if McCain won, you’d see some serious protests. What I fear about right wingers are the individual “god and guns” dumbasses who will see it as God’s Will to try to take Obama out. I really fear that. The good news is that security is tight, the secret service are most excellent at their job, and I highly doubt the Obamas will not be extra careful.

    Oh yea, and ultra ultra right wingers are really stupid.

  5. ericsan Says:

    I’ve heard a few interviews of anti-Obama nutjobs at GOP rallies. Granted, the press only keeps the nuttiest for that extra-crunchy flavor, but still, the hatred, racism and venom is very unsettling. I’m afraid quite a few people will just not tolerate having an African American president.

  6. Brian Says:

    Well, we’ve all been enthralled this last year with the election, and like any good novel it had its surprising twists and turns. Really, a year ago, who would have been able to confidently predict that Barack Obama would be on the verge of winning the presidency, let alone be the Democratic nominee? And Sarah Palin? What the fuck?!? And I thought I was surprised when Snape killed Dumbledore.

    And so Ron brings us to the next part of the story. This election is almost over, and Obama is almost certain to win. There are a litany of reasons as to why, but two main ones seem preeminent. First, Obama is an extraordinary candidate who seems tailor-made for this time in America’s history. His race seems to be irrelevant to a sufficient number of voters, which is a good thing, and instead his intelligence, competence and calm demeanor seem to resonate the most.

    Second, we are (gleefully) watching the Republican party collapse under its own weight. Years of bad ideas and hateful politics have finally caught up with them, and Americans seem to have caught on at last. They are utterly bereft of any new ideas, and seem incapable of displaying any kind of empathy with average Americans and their problems. Their tactics seem more childish than ever, and people who pay attention, such as myself, are no longer capable of being surprised by what they say.

    A few days ago when it was reported that Obama would take a couple days off to see his ailing grandmother one last time in Hawaii, the first thing I said to my wife was a prediction that some dickhole on the right would try to score a cheap shot over even this. Of course, I was right. And of course, I wasn’t surprised.

    So, what will Republicans do after having their asses handed to them on 4 November? Sabotaging Obama’s presidency would seem to be a very likely scenario. History suggests that they’ll probably start on the day after the election. Bill Clinton was a good president, but let’s admit it, his background was nebulous enough to merit skeptical questions about his character. Yeah, Whitewater turned up nothing, Vince Foster wasn’t murdered at Hillary’s behest, and it was only a goddamned blowjob. For the right, which needed an enemy, any enemy, after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was enough. History has vindicated Clinton, but this gets back to my worry several months ago about what they would do to a Hillary Clinton presidency. Same shit, different administration.

    Obama has been under the microscope for two years now. I cannot imagine that there are any nefarious skeletons lurking in his closet that McCain’s opposition researchers were unable to turn up. We’ve seen how his pathetic swipes at him are roundly ignored by most of the country. Even the worst shots were deftly handled by Obama himself, like the manufactured Jeremiah Wright controversy and Obama’s subsequent, eloquent, and necessary speech on race. In addition, I think Americans are absolutely jonesing for a president we can like, admire, and be proud or again. Obama may enjoy a particularly long grace period that John McCain could only dream about. Perhaps I am being unjustifiably optimistic, but I think if they keep this shit up they’re only going to sink even deeper into irrelevancy.

    Republicans have a choice to make. They can continue self-destructing and go the way of the Whigs. Or, they can take a long, hard look at themselves and realize that the cozying up to the lunatic fringe that began 30 years ago has made their condition terminal. If I were a Republican right now, I’d be sanguine about the outcome a week and a half from now and realize a great potential exists to reinvent the party with new faces and new ideas that don’t rely on the morality of the middle ages. Severing ties with the fundies is the first necessary step Republicans must take if they want to have a seat at the adult’s table again. Will they follow my sage advice? What am I saying? Not in a million frakking years.

  7. Sue Blue Says:

    Great post, Brian. It’s hard to fathom why some people would rather wallow in the festering Republican cesspool of the last eight years than accept change in the form of Barack Obama. Even if you ask Wal-Mart Wanda exactly what Republicans have ever done for her, and even if she can’t come up with a single positive thing, chances are she’d rather go to her grave in poverty, ignorance, and frustrated hatred as a Republican than have a black Democrat as a President. It’s so pathetically stupid I almost find myself feeling sorry for some of these sops….until I hear them talking about the fine christian luv they’d like to show Obama, and by extension, all Democrats, liberals, and people educated beyond the eighth grade – especially those that don’t go to church. Then I think “screw it. Let ’em all go down in flames along with their stupid political party. Good riddance.”

    Obama should win – if the votes are all fairly counted. I’m very worried about the vote suppression and roll purging that I’ve been hearing about. Today the talking heads were going on about Colorado being firmly in the blue – yet Colorado has a rabid Republican Secretary of State who – or so I’ve heard – is busily purging the voter rolls of minorities (i.e., Obama voters). You know, the kind of crap that went on in Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000. Maybe I’ve just been listening to Greg Palast too much, but I’m a little leery of planning an Obama victory party just yet.

  8. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Brian – I have been having fantasies now about Republican self-destruction. What I’m hoping happens (which is more probable than ever, but still extremely unlikely) is that we’ll see some “old school republicans” jump ship to the Libertarians and see a rise in the power of the Libertarian party. The consequences of this would not be small. First, it would effectively split conservatives between the social and economic variety. A split for conservatives would absolutely seal in liberal (and, specifically, Democratic) power for possibly decades. It would be exceedingly hard (without instant run-off voting, of which I am an advocate of) for two conservatives (one social and one fiscal) to win a majority of the vote to beat any Democrat in any election. The wedge issues of abortion, drug policy, and civil rights, which divide libertarians and republicans, would destroy their chances. Certainly, Democratics would feel a small pinch too. There are some Democrats who are more comfortable with Ron Paul than Barack Obama. That’s fine. I feel a 10% cut in Democratic party affiliation traded for a 40% cut of Republican affiliation would work out best for liberals in this country.

    Our best years are yet to come. I’m seeing a black man poised to win the presidency. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to see an atheist (or agnostic or other non-religious title) be president in my life time.

  9. Parrotlover77 Says:

    SB – I’m worried about voter suppression as well. But here in NC, I voted early. And there was a massive, I mean MASSIVE, turn out. We waited in line with a bunch of other Obama supporters. It was so awesome and uplifting. I am optimistic that the swell of voters for Obama (the so-called anti-Bradley effect) may very well come to fruition. We may see a landslide in the popular and electoral vote.

    I’m not planning my party yet, but I am more hopeful than I was a month ago.