That's a fine looking ass!

I hope to have the time to write a real post tonight. In the meantime, enjoy the above (non-photoshopped) picture from Reuters. Maybe it needs a caption?


Update: 10/17/08

WFMU is having a Photoshop contest with this image. There are some pretty good ones over there. Go check it out! (If you know of any other sites with similar contests, you can put them in the comments.) Here are some of my favorites from WFMU:

The prospect of a McCain presidency has the same effect on me


A big war hero has a big appetite


The effect of a McCain presidency


Republicans are bloodsuckers


Vietnamese torture


Waiting for the short bus

10 Responses to “Grabby”

  1. vjack Says:

    That is great! I guess I better watch the debate after all (I recorded it so I didn’t have to watch it last night).

  2. Lindsay Says:


    Looks like it will now be Palin for President!

  3. ericsan Says:

    Looks right out of Little Britain… Which, by the way, picked a tall, handsome black dude to play the POTUS in Little Britain USA.

  4. Brian Says:

    I thought he said he was going to kick Obama’s ass at the debate, not lick it.

  5. Thomas Says:

    If this is some precursor to an accusation that John McCain is secretly a gay whipping boy with a thing for black men, I couldn’t care less.

    Republican’s homosexual escapades and the slathering hypocrisy that goes with it aren’t even newsworthy anymore. It’s the political equivalent of “Hey, the sun came up today.”

  6. Ron Britton Says:

    No, Thomas. It’s just that some things taken out of context are funny. Nobody is taking this picture seriously.

  7. Manimal Says:

    “Back it up Senator…
    Shake dat healthy butt”

  8. M Says:

    …Seriously, what was that man thinking? If I were on stage and live, I’d keep my chin up, my shoulders back, and my back straight. What was McCain thinking when he did that?

    Oh well. It’s just another reason to vote for Obama!

  9. Lindsay Says:

    The Nosferatu one is brilliant!

  10. LadyRavana Says:


    My favorite’s the one with the giant taco. :p

    Although, I love the Nosferatu one. Whoever came up with that one is a genius.

    …Now I wanna run to Pundit Kitchen. The snark potential on this is ENDLESS. XD!