Why I’ve Lost All Hope

These people call themselves Americans. They’re almost 50% of the population. How did we end up like this? This election should have been a slam dunk. It’s one of the clearest choices of all time. John McCain is going to pull about 50% of the vote. Most of those votes will be coming from these people.

How did we end up like this? How did they end up like this? Where did my country go? How can we ever get it back, when there are so many of these people in it?

33 Responses to “Why I’ve Lost All Hope”

  1. ptet Says:

    On the plus side, this sort of idiocy doesn’t usually make the mainstream media, because big media has an investment in not making its readers/viewers look like imbeciles.

    Now at least it should get some proper airtime.

    Hey, even McCain is embarrassed.

  2. vjack Says:

    It has been out for awhile now, but you might want to read What’s the Matter With Kansas if you haven’t yet. Sadly, it is still very relevant today.

  3. Ed Says:

    Idiots aren’t hard to find in any country. Hang in there, hopefully Obama will win.

  4. Laurel Says:

    These folks have just enough shame to know they can’t admit to not voting for Obama because he’s the wrong color. They need another excuse, and to hell with reality.

  5. LadyRavana Says:

    I saw this video clip yesterday.

    *snorts in disgust* All they need is the pointed white hoods and the flaming cross. Jeebus. O.O

    As I like to say, “Losing faith in humanity, one person at a time…”

  6. Kevin Says:

    Cheer up man. These people are self-selected from the 27% percent that still support Bush. That’s 82 million people that can’t find their butt with two hands. Barring some major event, Obama will win handily.

  7. Alex Says:

    If they’re a representative sample of Americans, then America is a white country. Very white.

  8. Ron Britton Says:

    McCain should be polling down in the 20s. The only explanation for him having the numbers he does is that half the country is like what’s depicted in this video.

  9. mu Says:

    Read “The Authoritarians” by Prof. Bob Altemeyer and maybe things will make more sense.


  10. Ron Britton Says:

    I downloaded that last week. I’ll try to read it soon.

  11. Mr. Vorhias Says:

    Wow. A conga line of douchebags.

  12. Sarah Says:

    Ron, you forget that polls are hardly accurate though. They aren’t even a good estimate.

    Oy vey…I have to admit hearing people talk like this really kills my childlike faith in humanity. I mean, hell, supporting Obama does not automatically make you a terrorist supporter, a homosexual, a socialist, a liberal, a baby killer, etc, etc, etc.


    I threw up a bit in my mouth when they responded to the rape kit question. I mean seriously…that makes no sense that they would be against raped women unless they are super Christian (not all of them…a bunch, but not all)

  13. ericsan Says:

    Someone I know claims McCain is bound to win because people are not being honest to pollsters: they’re ashamed to admit they won’t vote for a black man. When they get to the voting booth, they’ll let their racism and stupidity do the job.

    In the end, this is a critical election in many ways. I sincerely view Obama’s victory as the beginning of an American renaissance and redemption (yeah, think Harriet Jones here). McCain’s success would usher in further descent into the world of utter greed, selfishness and stupidity described in the movie Idiocracy.

    I’m very hopeful but terrified at the same time. I wish I could Tivo-bloop-bloop-bloop over the next three weeks. And I’m gut-wrenched when I see Prop 8 winning, too. Fucking bastard mormon douchebag motherfuckers.

  14. The Nerd Says:

    To help make you feel better, Gallup says they’ll only get 40% of the vote. 🙂

  15. Brian Says:

    OK, Ron, I’m here to talk you down. I hate seeing you this depressed, man.

    I, too, saw the video yesterday of this parade of douchenozzles, and while it offended me down to the sub-atomic level, I’m still not too worried about how this is all going to turn out. As was pointed out above, if you’re looking for worms, you have to turn over rocks. These McCain-Palin “town hall” events are the only place you can find these retards in such concentrated numbers. Horrifying? Yes. But remember they can only openly display their racial hatred when they are absolutely certain of being surrounded by like-minded misanthropes. They’re not apt to go out to their jobs or any other public venue and get away with being such assholes without being called on it by civilized society.

    Also do not overlook that this is playing very badly in the media. From four different news sources I heard or read about how McCain had to back off the vile hatred his campaign has been running on this last week in front of his own crowds because they’re getting too carried away with this shit even for him. I’m sorry, but when his own frakking supporters boo him for trying to be more civilized than they want him to be, that’s too fucking funny for me. Anyway, this does not sit will with otherwise sane people who for some inexplicable reason care more about the economy or their health care than innuendo about “Obama the Terrorist”. Who is he really winning over with this? The racists already hated Obama. They don’t need McCain to convince them any further. If anything, he’s losing votes, not gaining them.

    Look at the polling, as well. Obama has maintained a double-digit lead for at least a week now. North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana are in play. Hell, I just read that even West freaking Virgina is now within reach for Obama! Many commentators are now not just asking if an Obama landslide is possible, but rather how big it will be. McCain’s electoral path is excruciatingly long and narrow, while Obama has any number of paths to victory.

    Look, I know how stupid our fellow Americans can be. These people don’t surprise me at all. I have no doubt at all that each and every one of them are fundies, which would explain their reptile-brain responses. But this time really feels different. Maybe I’m extraordinarily naive, and four weeks from now you’ll be excoriating me for making this comment in the first place if President-elect McCain is a reality. But I don’t think so. I worried a couple weeks ago when Grandpa Munster led in the polls for a while, but Obama’s got his game on now. I feel confident our country is ready to turn the page on conservative Republican rule for good. Yes we can.

  16. S. Says:

    disgusting! I’m in the south and even though,(surprisingly),we have more reg. Dems in my state! (NC). I kept seeing McCain signs in many yards along the way to another city yesterday.I told my husb. they might as well just have “I’m Stupid” signs out there instead! now I’m thinking perhaps it’s more about race than it is stupidity and being brainwashed by being raised conservatively.

  17. S. Says:

    Look at the polling, as well. Obama has maintained a double-digit lead for at least a week now. North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana are in play.

    yes and thankfully,we don’t have all racist and or idiots here!

  18. Bacopa Says:

    Folks like these are the reason I don’t have an Obama sticker on my car. I reverse commute from near NW to an area with people kind of like this. I have Oama signs at home, but seemingly rightly fear I’ll be keyed or slashed once I get too far from home.

    People like this in the area where I work are willfully ignorant. They think you’ll die once you cross 43rd street. My clients are shocked to learn I live off 43rd. They’ve never been to the zoo, they’ve never been to our excellent art musems. They’ve never been to the natural science museum. Seriously, they think you’ll likely die if you cross BWY8 and become infested with multiple liberal diseases and ‘teh ghey” if you cross 43rd.

    They migh have been inside the Loop once or twice when a relative was in the TX Medical center, a huge complex of hospitals roughly the size of downtown Denver. They don’t uderstand that the Med Center is there because progressive leaders made it be there and created the diverse and accepting community that allows it to exist. They don’t know about how we sailed through the civil rights era smelling like roses with The Strange Demise of Jim Crow. Progressives built modern Houston and progressives are the reason we less affected by the current financial crisis than other areas. We built this city and sustain its extensive suburbs, but once you get too far from the core they hate us. We gave them an eonomic machine that sustains five million people by attracting talent and investment from all over the world, yet they hate us in returrn.

  19. Troy Says:

    The sword of racism is a two sided one. Much of Obama’s support is by blacks, which is somewhat waranted I suppose people like to vote for people who are like themselves. Not all of McCain’s support is from these idiotic people, who really are parodies of themselves. It would be nice if people could just pick the best man but then again xenophobia is a human trait and as such it isn’t practical.

  20. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Ron – No, McCain’s polling should not be in the 20s aligning with Bush approval rating. We want it to be that way, sure, but like it or not, there are Republicans who hate Bush but see McCain as change from Bush Republicanism and a return to Reagan. I personally think that McCain’s presidency would be mostly indistinguishable from a Bush 3rd term, but why would diehard Republicans see it this way? So, I just wanted to point out that there is no correlation between McCain’s polling numbers and the anal wart of humanity on display in that video.

    The reason the crazies are out in full force for McCain rallies is because Palin energized them. Before that, these supporters were going to hold their nose and vote for McCain or stay home. Now they have a reason to vote for McCain and like him. However, McCain officially jumped the shark when he had to defend Obama against the more radical of his supporters and then got booed. Good times.

    Troy – You have been suckered in by Sean Hannity’s talking points from the RNC. The fact is that African Americans overwhelmingly supported Clinton until Obama showed that he was a viable candidate. Additionally, historically the African American vote goes mostly to the Democratic candidate. You can hardly say they were voting by the color of their skin when they voted for Clinton, Gore, and Kerry. The same is true now with Obama. The only reason this is being brought up now is because Obama is black. Although I’m sure there are those that are voting for Obama “because he’s black too” I’m also sure the same is true in the opposite direction (as can be seen by that video). If Condie was running for president, I’m reasonably sure that the majority would still go to the Democratic candidate due to issues and positions and NOT skin color.

  21. libhomo Says:

    The homophobic comments are so typical of Republicans.

  22. cipher Says:

    I’ve given up hope as well. I can’t see any way in which beings like these – and there are millions of them – can solve their problems. I think we’ll soon see the end of our civilization, very possibly our species. Even if I’m wrong, America is certainly finished. Start learning Chinese.

  23. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Don’t give up hope! Look at how far we have come from the dark ages! Yes, we have a long way to go, but just look at what humanity has done so far. We can fly through the air, we can fly to the moon, we can go to the deepest depths of the oceans. We can cure diseases that once were thought to be evil spirits. We can look inside the human body without making a single cut. We can create machines that allow us to communicate no matter how far apart we are. We can analyze and predict how climate is changing on our planet. We can change the climate (for worse, but also for better). We are about to switch on a machine that will recreate conditions not seen since the big bang, so we can understand the very creation of the entire universe.

    And so, so much more.

    Yes, there are a lot of humans that are wastes of perfectly good organic molecules, but the human race, as a whole, can do good! We can get better!

    We can’t give up hope and let the worst of us defeat the best of us.

    Educate the young. Abandon destructive cultural tradition and mythology. Create a better tomorrow for all life on this planet. We are the only species on the planet that has both the potential to cause AND prevent this planet’s next great extinction.

    Let’s work to make sure it is the latter.

  24. Helena Says:

    This is what America always was. These are the people from Norman Rockwell paintings who would not have dreamed of admitting evolution into their schools, a Jew into their homes, or a black man into their towns. For anyone with any degree of self-awareness, small-town America would have been a sort of nightmare.

  25. S. Says:

    A good place to start would just be to drop the whole abortion issue,period.Women have rights and will continue to have rights,like it or not.Let’s move on.The repubs do nothing but use it as a smokescreen to lure in voters,and I’m tired of seeing it happen.They could really care less about the whole issue.And unfortunately, there will always be those who aren’t smart enough to see through the whole facade.They want you to feel guilty or believe you are a murderer if you even so much as vote for someone who isn’t pro-life.Murder by proxy? I don’t think so.
    Just vote for a repub instead,they’ll have no problem sending the next generation off to war to be killed when they’re 18.Just don’t call it abortion.It’s called the Bush Doctrine.

  26. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I wish it was that easy, but abortion will be a wedge issue for some time to come. It’s really a damn shame. I still believe we are moving in the right direction. Just three years ago there was serious, very serious, talk about how Roe will probably be overturned. Now we are on the verge of electing a presidential strong supporter of women’s reproductive rights, along with a majority congress so we don’t have to worry as much about the opposition blocking judicial nominations.

  27. LadyRavana Says:

    I don’t know about that PL. I’ve seen some frightening evidence that if Palin seize power (God forbid that nightmare should come to pass) she very well could overturn Roe V. Wade. I’ve heard that it could only take three more Supreme Court judges to step down, and three conservative judges to step up, and our rights will be stripped away.

    I’m honestly worried.

    And don’t get me started on the fetal personhood thing. Oy vey. I know that was an Onion article, but that could very well become a terrifying reality under a Palin administration. Now that’s a disturbing thought.

    I may not exactly be a believer…but God help us all.

  28. cipher Says:

    This is what America always was.


    Parrotlover, they may find the Higgs boson, but the retardon, the particle underlying fundie brain processes, will forever elude them.

    (My apologies to anyone with developmentally challenged loved ones.)

  29. Ron Britton Says:

    …they may find the Higgs boson, but the retardon, the particle underlying fundie brain processes, will forever elude them.

    That’s because they’re doing it wrong. If it takes the Large Hadron Collider to find the Higgs boson, then they’ll have to build the Small Mind Collider to find the retardon.

  30. Brian Says:

    I wish it was that easy, but abortion will be a wedge issue for some time to come. It’s really a damn shame.


    You are probably right that this will continue to rile up passions for years, if not decades. But during last night’s final debate between Obama and McCain, McCain didn’t just shoot himself in the foot over this issue, he blew the fucker completely off.

    First, he lied egregiously about Obama’s voting record on the matter, which Obama effectively debunked. He then sneeringly and dismissively showed his contempt for the life of the mother in cases of late-term abortions. When I heard this I immediately thought he had just told the women of America what he really thinks of them and in doing so cemented his party’s medieval image on social issues. There are undoubtedly uneducated, bible-believing rubes in the megachurches of America who heartily embrace this kind of prideful, ignorant misogyny, convinced that they’re doing the Lord’s work. These would be the same ignoramuses that believe Obama is a treasonous terrorist who should be killed.

    But as I said before, most Americans think they’re wrong, whether it be about abortion or Obama. McCain guaranteed that women voters will flock to Obama by his comment. I’ve always thought that the country is not as closely divided on this issue as some would like us to believe. McCain is clearly on the losing side of this debate, and his party would have to pay political hell if they ever managed to overturn Roe v. Wade, and they know it. All they really want to do is rail against abortion, since it gives them something to complain about. Actually doing something about it? They want nothing to do with it.

  31. Parrotlover77 Says:

    LR –

    I don’t know about that PL. I’ve seen some frightening evidence that if Palin seize power (God forbid that nightmare should come to pass) she very well could overturn Roe V. Wade. I’ve heard that it could only take three more Supreme Court judges to step down, and three conservative judges to step up, and our rights will be stripped away.

    I’m honestly worried.

    Oh, yes, if McCain/Palin win, that will be the end of RvW. I was talking about when Obama wins and America returns to its senses.

    Let’s see. Since fundies think we all pray to Darwin, let me endulge them a little.

    Dear Lord and Savior, Darwin. Please let enough humans decide to evolve a smarter brain before the election, instead of deciding to evolve helium sacks. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Darwin, deciding to evolve helium sacks would be cool because we could start floating around and stuff, but I would rather we all decide to evolve brains. Amen.

  32. Parrotlover77 Says:

    He then sneeringly and dismissively showed his contempt for the life of the mother in cases of late-term abortions.

    ZOMG. When I heard that, I turned to my wife and we both had our mouths wide open. I mean, seriously. He actually accused women of “faking” whether or not their life was at stake in a dangerous pregnancy. I told her, “if a 527 doesn’t start playing that quote in a loop, they are missing a huge opportunity.”

    …and his party would have to pay political hell if they ever managed to overturn Roe v. Wade…

    I’ve always thought that if RvW were overturned, it would be nothing but good for the Democratic Party. However, that’s a very cynical approach to aquiring power, so I’m glad the Democrats haven’t been completely complacent and let it happen. It would break my heart to see side-alley abortions until the law is changed back to the new RvW equivelence. Honestly, most Republicans probably know this and only want to do “enough” to keep the fundies on their side, without doing so much that the law would change. If RvW were overturned, they would find re-election incredibly difficult, except in the most red of all red states.

  33. S. Says:

    That’s why I say the abortion issue is nothing but a facade;they could care less,it’s nothing but a smokescreen tactic to lure in conservative voters,so the repubs can continue to wreck havoc with the economy and wage war with whomever they please,and it’s a damn shame some ppl are just too ignorant to be able to see through it.