Uncle Ben’s Converted Poster

In my daily email from TownHall.com (what The Watcher likes to call Clownhall—I think I’ll steal that from now on), was an ugly advertisement for Expelled. That movie is like nuclear waste. Nobody wants it, you can’t get rid of it, and the retarded are mesmerized by it.

So here it is again. They’re advertising the DVD, which will be released in October. I decided it was time once again to point out how foolish this film is. I looked through the promotional graphics that I had previously downloaded from their web site, and I found the “patriotic” (idiotic is more like it) poster displayed below. Actually, that’s not exactly how the poster originally looked. The text was inaccurate, so I fixed it.

Ben Stein wants you to become stupid

3 Responses to “Uncle Ben’s Converted Poster”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Honestly, what took them so long to release the DVD? It was a complete bomb financially. Usually that means a more swift DVD release.

  2. Thomas Says:

    The great thing about this movie is that Ben Stein’s character from F.B.’s day off is that much funnier as a result.

  3. LadyRavana Says:


    I can just picture that perfectly deadpan voice of his going: “Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?”

    God, I love that movie. A bit before my time, but still a classic! XD!