On the 3rd Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

And as the Gulf coast is once again bracing for another hurricane, I bring you this reminder:

If you aren't rich, you the GOP isn't interested

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  1. Brian Says:

    The coincidence almost is enough to make me think there must be something to the idea of karma. Three years after George Bush allowed a major American city to drown on his watch while he strummed a guitar with his buddy, John McCain, now we have another hurricane heading for the exact same area on the eve of the Republican Convention. Could there not be any more stark and inconvenient of a reminder of how republicans govern, and at the worst possible time?

    Now, do not get me wrong. I hope the damned thing blows itself out long before it reaches any human habitation, but we all know that isn’t likely to happen. God is a vengeful, wrathful, malevolent god, and because Ellen Degeneres married a smoking hot fellow lesbian, New Orleans must be made to suffer. Why the devil himself, Barack Obama, was blessed with good weather for his epochal speech is a mystery best left to the lord, and we’re better off not troubling ourselves with James Dobson’s failure to manipulate the weather through wishful thinking. Just have faith! See. Isn’t that much easier?

  2. ericsan Says:

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  3. Sarah Says:

    The whole story of them eating cake while Katrina raged in New Orleans…it’s really sick and reminds me of those old fairy-tales where you see the evil king feasting in his castle and then the starving peasants outside begging for scraps. I remember I used to think that that kind of thing only happened during the Dark Ages…

    -then I got into politics *Facepalm*

  4. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Sarah – Nobody took even a BITE of that cake. It was left to melt and was thrown away. It was a photo-op cake. I’m sure the homeless and hungry understand.

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Brian – I noticed the same thing. I wish I could remember where I heard this (I think it was the Bill Press Show or Stephanie Miller Show), but somebody actually asked Hagee if God was angry with the Republicans since the Democrats had beautiful weather and the Republicans are postponing their convention due to weather.

    Of course, he had no comment.

  6. Sue Blue Says:

    Yeah, that prayer for rain at the Democratic convention really worked out, didn’t it? Apparently God had a hurricane to brew up and couldn’t spare a drop for Denver. Seems the Heavenly Hard-Ass is gonna give ’em that rain they asked for…only a few hundred miles to the southeast of where it was supposed to be, and at the cost of who knows how many lives and how many billions of dollars. Wow. What a friend they have in Jesus.

  7. vjack Says:

    At least nobody ever accused this Christian weather god of being merciful.

  8. Andrew N.P. Says:

    Hey, cut God some slack. He’s getting old. His aim isn’t what it used to be. And ever since Science forced Him out of Earth’s atmosphere and into the ethereal plane of The Gaps, He’s lucky if he can hit our planet at all, let alone a specific city on it.

  9. ericsan Says:

    Too rich: the evangelists’ prayer for rain on the Democratic convention resulted in a hurricane hitting the GOP convention. Now, if you really believed in this praying for rain nonsense, wouldn’t you GET A FUCKING CLUE ALREADY?

    In other news worthy of the Desperate Housewives series, the 17 year old daughter of skanky veep candidate Sarah Palin is 5 months preggers (obviously out of wedlock). There were also lots of gossip regarding her disappearance from school six months before mom’s last bundle of joy was born. She doesn’t know what the VP does, but she doesn’t seem to know how to raise children, either. Here’s someone who should have first hand knowledge that abstinence programs don’t work…

  10. Ron Britton Says:


    I heard about Palin’s teenage daughter’s pregnancy on Friday on the Thom Hartman program. That story is just now being picked up by the so-called “liberal media”. Apparently that story has been all over the blogosphere for the last 48 hours. Why are the “liberal media” just now getting around to covering it?

    Palin made an official announcement this morning, in an attempt to get control of the story. If it hadn’t been for the liberal blogs, this story probably would have stayed buried for a while longer.

    I know it was technically “just a rumor” prior to the official announcement, but apparently enough people in Alaska knew about the pregnancy that the media should have easily been able to find somebody to go on the record and break this story sooner.

    It will now be very amusing to watch the Republicans, and the fundies especially, try to spin this.

    The bottom line is that many conservatives and most fundies (Palin is an extremist even among fundies) are complete hypocrites. They espouse “family values”. They condemn pre-marital sex. They claim that abstinence-only sex education works. Then they go out and have higher teen pregnancy rates than non-fundies (Probably because their concept of sex “education” doesn’t include contraception.).

    The only way this could be richer is if the daughter got pregnant via turkey baster from her lesbian lover. No such luck. However, Palin has four other kids. The one daughter has already proven that Palin is a terrible mother, at least in terms of moral guidance. The other kids are probably going to provide us with additional merriment in the months ahead.

  11. Parrotlover77 Says:

    The slow media may work to the liberal advantage. Nobody is watching the news on Labor Day. It’s probably better that coverage waited until closer to Tuesday…

    That being said, it will only last about three minutes and 45 seconds across all networks on the teevee. Contrast this to, say, if Obama’s second cousin’s step-sister’s best friend’s roommate’s mother had an abortion. We’d never hear the end of it…

  12. LadyRavana Says:

    When I heard about Sarah Palin’s daughter, I about died laughing. (Because I’m mean…and oh, irony!)

    So, abstinence didn’t work so well there, eh? So, she’s gonna keep the baby, and get married at the age of seventeen (pressured by her parents, no doubt.) Isn’t that precious? Two inexperienced teenagers getting married and raising a baby together (of course, with no life experience, yeah, that’s gonna work out well.

    I think it’s just freaking priceless. I’m sure this little story does wonders for the abstinence movement (as in, exposing it as a crock of shit.)

  13. Lindsay Says:

    I haven’t seen the story up on onenewsnow.com. I guess they are still trying to think of ways to spin it? The fundies have backed themselves into a corner on the “teen pregnancy out of wedlock” issue. They praise that she keeps it yet tears her down for having teenage pre-marital sex.

    I have little doubt in my mind that that girl was given no other choice than to keep the kid and to get married to the daddy at 17. I honestly do wish those kids the best, as they are going to need it. I’m just curious to see how this will effect the repub base…

  14. Brian Says:

    I’m just throwing this out there, for what its worth, but there is beginning to be some chatter that Palin’s run as McCain’s VP pick may be very short lived. Intrade is now allowing investors to place their money on this very prospect. This is the same outfit that predicted Joe Biden would be Obama’s VP, and it also accurately forecasted the senatorial election results in ’06.

    I can just see it now. Palin would use her daughter’s pregnancy and her own disabled child as excuses to drop out. But who would McCain pick as his “plan B”? Well, much of the reporting over the last several days has it that McCain went with Palin after having watched Obama’s acceptance speech Thursday night. He really wanted Joe “Droopy” Lieberman as his veep, and the White House and Karl Rove really wanted Mitt “Magic Underwear” Romney. Knowing Lieberman would never fly with conservatives, he went with Palin as a kind of “fuck you” to Karl Rove.

    I don’t know about any of you, but I am absolutely loving this shit. Seeing the republican party tear itself apart as it is about to go down in ignominious defeat on 4 Nov. is more than cathartic. Its also pretty goddamned funny.

  15. Ron Britton Says:


    Palin is an ultra-fundie. If she’s replaced, do you think he’d go with Huckabee? Romney has that problem of not being a “true Christian”.

  16. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I haven’t seen the story up on onenewsnow.com. I guess they are still trying to think of ways to spin it?

    I saw the first sign puke-a-whirl spin on this incident today. Apparently, the reason this whole incident is Wholesome Family Values™ is because of the decisions made after the contraception. Since they are getting married (obviously a 50+ year marriage is in the works here, amirite?) and the baby will be born in wedlock (though conceived out of), God will smile upon them. And just for good measure, God will begin drilling in ANWR too.

  17. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Brian – That’s absolutely brilliant! What a way for McCain to have his Katrina Cake and eat it too! He gets all the benefits of selecting a woman, but since she is forced to withdraw, his only other choice is the former dem! He gets the massive media attention that Palin draws initially without any of the side effects of her staying on too long. Then Droopy Joe gets to play up the angle of him running with Al Gore so that means McCain is a Reformer™.

    In the end, I still think the end result is Fail (if for no other reason than playing musical chairs with your veep makes people question your judgement), but if this pans out, you got to hand it to McCain for taking Rovian-style voter cynicism to an all new level.

  18. Brian Says:


    I’m not saying that I really think her exit from the race is likely to happen. But the fact that the mere discussion of it is arising so quickly speaks volumes about the state of the McCain campaign and the republican party in general.

    Of course, McCain and the republicans have only themselves to blame for all of this. They aligned themselves with the most bigoted, intolerant portion of the electorate, and in the process had to cater to their medieval whims. For example, both of McCain’s top VP picks were pro-choice. Oops. Sorry, senator, the lunatic fringe says you can’t have a say in who you select for Vice President. Palin is a joke, and anyone not drunk on jesus juice knows it.

    These are also the same die-hards who think George W. Bush is god’s personal choice for president. McCain would like nothing better than to distance himself from Bush, and Hurrican Gustav conveniently gave him an excuse for bumping the president from day one of his convention. Only now we learn the Bush is insisting on speaking via satellite to the convention anyway. The wing nuts will be ecstatic, I’m sure, but those who feel that Bush has been an unqualified disaster will associate him with Grandpa McCain. The man can’t even have a say in how his nominating convention is run, and he expects us to believe he’s qualified to run the country?

    If Palin were to go, it would be just as funny as if she stays on, and that’s my point. Sit back, relax, and in the immortal words of the great Douglas Adams, “don’t panic”. Obama’s campaign is a well-oiled machine, he and Biden are not making any mistakes, and their opponents could not be more confused and divided. I am going to savor every moment of this election.

  19. Ron Britton Says:


    I’d actually put the odds of her going at about 25%. I truly believe that McCain’s people did only a cursory vetting. There wasn’t time. She couldn’t have been on his short list for more than a few days. They had to know about her being investigated for corruption (still ongoing—the investigation that is. We can only guess whether the corruption is ongoing!). She probably did mention to his people on Thursday that her abstinent daughter was pregnant. At that point, McCain had already made up his impetuous mind and didn’t think it mattered that much.

    I heard (rumor) that McCain sent more people to Alaska on Sunday to do a more thorough vetting. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she will get the boot. It does mean that he wants to know if there are any other surprises. That, of course, means that he didn’t know enough beforehand.

  20. Brian Says:

    I’ve been listening to the coverage of the RNC this afternoon, including the various interviews of republicans trying to spin the Palin selection as a good thing. Its really quite hilarious. Perhaps the most over-used line so far is that she supposedly has more “executive experience” than Barack Obama. They say this with a straight face, I feel obliged to add. I’m waiting for someone in the media to point out that, technically, she also has more executive experience than John McCain.

    I’ve also read about all the scrambling of lawyers to Alaska to look further into Palin’s background. A few interesting tidbits they might feel the need to investigate further:
    • Her association with an Alaska secessionist group
    • Her requirement of loyalty oaths from city employees during her time as mayor
    • Her near recall as mayor over the aforementioned loyalty oaths
    • Her fundraising efforts on behalf of indicted Sen. Ted Stevens

    Now she’s on record as saying the our lovely war in Iraq was simply America doing god’s will. She’s one of those Assembly of God christians, and (believe me, I know) these people are nuts. Just wait until you hear some of the shit her pastor has been saying, not that any of it will surprise us here.

    Maybe she’ll drop out and maybe she won’t. Either way, its a disaster for McCain. Yet somehow I cannot muster up any sympathy for him.

  21. Sue Blue Says:

    I heard some guy on talk radio this morning on the way to work (I think it was NPR; it wasn’t my car so I’m not sure) say that he was “sickened by all the liberals and Dems piling on poor, poor Sarah Palin and her pregnant daughter! Family members should be off-limits politically!! Stop picking on Palin!! Those evil libs – next they’ll be saying Palin’s fifth child has Down’s Syndrome because Palin is an evil Repub!!!” He then castigated all those who were “playing the hypocrisy card” in pointing out that having a pregnant teen daughter does not reflect well on the fundy abstinence-only sex education policy or on the so-called “family values” party.

    While I agree that debates should focus on the issues and not on personal attacks, Palin’s religio-political record has a direct bearing on the issue of teen pregnancy. And, as I’ve pointed out above, she’s been associated with some of the most outrageously crazy fundies out there, not to mention being part of a secessionist movement for Alaska. So she doesn’t want her state to be part of the U.S., but expects to be VP? WTF??!!

    So, that’s the spin – we’re going to hear all about how evil, base, and sexist all us libs are to this poor little purty woman and her happy, wholesome family.

  22. Ron Britton Says:

    Fundies insist that abstinence-only sex education is effective.

    Bristol Palin received abstinence-only sex education.

    Therefore, this must be an immaculate conception.

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! Sarah Palin is the grandmother of JESUS CHRIST!

  23. Bunkie Says:

    And here is the Onenewsnow.com spin:

  24. Ron Britton Says:

    …she’s been associated with some of the most outrageously crazy fundies out there, not to mention being part of a secessionist movement for Alaska. So she doesn’t want her state to be part of the U.S., but expects to be VP? WTF??!!

    It’s ironic that the “Party of Lincoln”, who saved the union, has fallen so far that they’re now running a secessionist for Vice President.

  25. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Brian – I agree that it will be a fun ride from here on out. Just to clarify — everywhere I am pointing out Palin being a politically “good” choice for McCain and my conspiracy theories — it’s all cast in the light of the fundies and neocons influencing McCain’s decisions. My definition of “good” in these cases is simply “better than the alternatives” for the intended goals.

    McCain’s ship is sinking. It’s possible the sheer might of a million fundie neocons and their $$$ could possibly bail out McCain long enough for him to remain competitive up to Nov 4, but this campaign is an absolute disaster politically!

    McCain’s best choice for the media coverage he desperately needed is backfiring in so many weird and wonderful ways I could have never conceived of. It makes me smile.

    I shouldn’t be so surprised. It’s not like there are any neocons out there that are not completely corrupt to the core. I should have known more would come out about Palin to make her more toxic than when she was chosen (when I guessed her benefits might outweigh her drawbacks compared to other candidates). McCain should have too. But grampy isn’t too sharp these days.

    However, don’t forget that POW POW POW POW POW POW

  26. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I hate to defend the Palins really, but Bristol’s pregnancy being an indictment of “abstinence only” education is essentially a “proof by example” which is a logical fallacy. I’m not saying “abstinence only” does work, but I am saying that even with comprehensive sex ed, this girl may have gotten pregnant anyway — we just don’t know.

    What we can say is that studies show that more pregnancies (and STDs) happen when kids are taught abstinence only education. That is true because it is supported by numerous studies. But Bristol — there is no way to know.

    It is a nice tactic for a political pundit on the attack, but I’m just saying that since we hold the superstitious to a higher level of logic, we need to follow the same rule. 🙂

  27. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Fundies insist that abstinence-only sex education is effective.

    Bristol Palin received abstinence-only sex education.

    Therefore, this must be an immaculate conception.

    JESUS CHRIST!!!! Sarah Palin is the grandmother of JESUS CHRIST!

    That makes perfect sense. It explains everything too. The media attacking Palin is simply the devil (or god?) making her go through trials and tribulations before assuming command of the World’s Most Powerful Military For Jesus™.

  28. Brian Says:

    Its beginning to seem as if the McCain campaign has settled on a strategy of “screw the issues, start a culture war”. The anti-abortion plank of the republican party platform is as draconian as it could possibly be, even to the right of Grampa. “What’s that, 17 year old girl raped by her stepfather and now pregnant? You want an abortion? In Jesus’s name, fuck you, you little whore, and deal with it!”

    For all of her obvious faults and shortcomings, Palin is “energizing the base”, which in itself speaks volumes about the intellectual capacities of these people. I’m sure tonight will be a fundie’s wet dream, and I may have to revise my earlier prediction of at least five god references in her speech. I daresay we may even get a “Jesus Christ” thrown in for good measure.

    So, if a renewed culture war is the strategy, will it work? Can the republicans distract us enough with the little shit to squeak out another close win? I really doubt it. Obama is no ordinary democrat, and this is no ordinary election (even though we seem to think every election is extraordinary, don’t we?). He’s too smart and has too much spine to let that happen this time. At best, McCain is treading water. If he doesn’t get a significant bump in the polls after this convention like Obama did after his, start chilling the champagne.

    Incidentally, a betting outfit in Ireland yesterday offered 20-1 odds that Palin would be dropped from the ticket. Today the odds are now 8-1. Again, I don’t really think its likely to happen, but goddammit it would sure be funny. Just imagine the fundie outrage. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

  29. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Although it is true that something like 80% of Americans identify themselves as Christian, I think it is far, far less that feel in any way comfortable with the fundie element. Energizing to fundies as Palin may be, I would guess she’s equally as disgusting to non-fundie Christians — especially anybody who considers themselves remotely feminist.

    Brian – I am as anxious to see the poll results after the RNC as you are! Good times…

  30. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Oh regarding poll results, remember that if the gap decreases from Obama leading by 8 to Obama leading by 6, it will be called a “McCain Bounce” by all the wise Village Elders of Washington Punditry, even though McCain was more competitive before the DNC. Just something to keep in mind.

  31. Brian Says:


    Yeah, and they’ll also trot out the “polls are meaningless” canard as well. Actually, whatever lead the polls may be indicating for Obama is probably somewhat larger in reality than we are led to believe. Remember, younger first-time voters are often not included in surveys of “likely” voters.

    I also agree wholeheartedly with you about her “disgust” factor. Yes, she might light the fires of those who long for the days of the Inquisition, but I think she repels normal people in at least equal numbers. She’s a net loss for McCain, but then, his entire campaign and his entire party fit that description as well.

    Bring on the debates!

  32. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Brian – I have read the fine print on several polls. Gallup, at least, does say they include calls to cell phones, which is one of the “not counting the kids” arguments. I’m not saying polls are perfect, but I clearly remember a lot of liberals complaining about the lack of accounting for the young for the Kerry campaign when W took the poll lead torward the end. And we all know how that election ended…

    Of course this is different than the “likely voter” formulas, which are quite subjective.

    Sorry, not trying to piss on anybody’s parade. I’m still confident Obama will win — for a variety of reasons, but the Status Quo never met an election it didn’t want to steal. 😉 So we can’t get complacent!