Comment of the Day, #5

Ray Comfort, or a close relative.

(Image from Happy Jihad)

Today’s comment doesn’t even come from here. I don’t know why you people waste your time reading my crappy blog, when you could be reading Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes. Nobody handles fundies better than Bing McGhandi. Look how he swiftly dispatches yet another stupefyingly moronic article by Ray Comfort:

And there it was, Ray Comfort’s latest article sitting there like a poop next to the toilet, and just as wrong.

The power is in its conciseness. He manages to distill not only the essence of that one article, but also the totality of Ray Comfort’s entire life’s work into just 21 words. Magnificent!

Ray didn't read the sign!

(Image from Airtoons)

6 Responses to “Comment of the Day, #5”

  1. Aerik Says:

    That is absolutely fabulous. I’m going to social bookmark that article with that quote as the submission title.

  2. Barbara Says:

    The picture is simply crying out for a banana.

  3. yoyo Says:

    when ever i have made a small mistake at work or bumped the car parking I know i can read comforts blog and feel truly intelligent! he fulfils a useful social service, no matter how stupid you have been there’s a commentator on his blog that makes you look like einstein.

  4. Rogi Says:

    I hate you for ever bringing this blog to my attention. Now, the Uncomfortable Gorilla will haunt my dreams while the posts on his blog give me regular brain aneurysms.

  5. Sue Blue Says:

    LOL, Barbara!! Exactly what I was thinking – a banana, held in the appropriate position just below the bulging belly.

    I must say, however, that putting Comfort’s face anywhere near a gorilla is just plain wrong. After all, one is a dirty, hairy, shit-slinging animal, while the other is a sensitive, highly intelligent African primate.

  6. Bing McGhandi Says:

    Thanks very much for the link. And, Aerik, bless your tiny toes for the reddit link. Those do wonders for individual posts. I hope you continue to stop by. Because I’m hilarious.