Freedom From Religion Convention

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is holding its annual convention in San Francisco this year, on the weekend of October 6–8, 2006.

It promises to be an enthralling event for all. Among the guests will be everybody’s favorite atheist, Julia Sweeny. She’ll be performing one of her monologs, “Letting Go of God”. I haven’t seen this one or her earlier monolog (“God Said, Ha!”), but everybody I know who has seen one of them has had nothing but praise for the performance.

Other notables on the agenda are:

  • Michelle Goldberg, author of Kingdom Coming, which is about the fundie threat.
  • Wafa Sultan, who pissed off a billion Muslims by criticizing religion on Al-Jazeera TV.
  • Mike Keefe, political cartoonist of the Denver Post.
  • Philip Paulson, the plaintiff in the Mt. Soledad Easter Cross case.
  • Dr. Richard Sloan, author of the forthcoming Blind Faith.

There will also be an optional non-prayer breakfast on Saturday morning and an optional banquet dinner Saturday night.

For full information about the convention, go to the FFRF website.

I will be somewhere in the audience. If you attend, try to find me. We can have a mini-BoF gathering.

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