Reichenbach Falls

Venn diagram

The above is a funny diagram from the blog of Jessica Hagy. That’s her whole shtick. The entire blog is Venn diagrams and x-y graphs scribbled onto index cards. Some of them are pretty funny.

You ought to read the comments people left on that post. It’s a replay in microcosm of all of the comments people have left on my Duggar articles.

It’s some kind of bizarre coincidence that the first time I encounter her blog the diagram featured that day is of the Duggars! It’s also kind of fitting. It gives me a way to close off that chapter in this blog’s history.

Unlike some of you, I moved beyond the Duggars a long time ago. For me, they were just brief stop on this expedition through Fundieland. They were a strange specimen to tag and release. This blog never was about the Duggars, at least no more than it’s about Shirley and Squirrely. Little did I know that the Duggars would be responsible for about a quarter of my traffic and half of my comments. There have been very few days when they weren’t occupying one of the spots in the Recent Comments list. They give new visitors a distorted view of what this blog is about.

The time has come. The time is now. Jim Bob Duggar, will you please go now!

Arthur Conan Doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes, because he was sick of him. That’s all people identified him with. At one point Conan Doyle even forbade people to mention Holmes’ name in his presence.

I had been planning for a while to shut down the Duggar threads on August 7th. When I saw the above diagram, I thought that would be a great opportunity to shut it down now. I ultimately decided to stick with the original plan. You have one week to say your goodbyes.

Michelle Duggar giving birth

8 Responses to “Reichenbach Falls”

  1. J.R. "Bob" Dobbs Says:

    Well, nice to see that one of the most trolled threads on this site will be quarantined and preserved as a monument to the stupidity of trolls.To bad edlisbs comments were deleted, this monument could have been twice as monumental.:wink:

  2. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Bitter-sweet for me. I found this blog while on a particular mental fix to find other people who loathed what they were about as much as I. Little did I know just how awesome of a blog I would find to regular visit when I was simply on a momentary tirade to find and post a few insults about this particular fundie family I find so distasteful. (I need to vent!) I’m pretty sure I would have stayed and posted elsewhere even if I couldn’t further comment about my frustrations of them, but alas, this is still the end of a chapter for me. I actually have refrained from posting on the Duggar threads for the past month, following in Ron’s footsteps to move beyond the freakshow that is the Duggars and onto the issues that are more truly urgent in the protection of our freedoms and the very earth itself from fundies. So, I say goodbye, dear Duggar troll bashing threads, and may you rest in peace.

  3. LadyRavana Says:

    *bows head solemnly*

    Well said ParrotLover, well said.

    I’ll stop by and leave a wreath of tator tots. It marks the end of an era.

    ‘Twas good times my friends, good times.

    Thank you Duggar threads, for providing me hours of entertainment and snark. Thank you for teaching me about the scary bat-shit Quiverfulls, and helping me stumble across this amusing blog that so readily mocks you and your ilk.

    You will be missed. So long, good bye, and farewell, dear Duggars.

  4. Purple Says:

    Ah, but you’re forgetting that Doyle ultimately resurrected Sherlock Holmes since people kept bugging him about it. ;P

  5. S. Says:

    Bye,Dug’s….you won’t be missed! 🙂

  6. Ron Britton Says:

    Ah, but you’re forgetting that Doyle ultimately resurrected Sherlock Holmes since people kept bugging him about it. ;P

    I knew some smartass would mention that!

  7. Sarah Says:

    Twas mostly a fun rant blog for us to get our aggressions out (Because even most fundies acknowledge their methods being over the top), but yeah, its time has come and passed. (Salutes)

  8. Lindsay Says:

    The D’s are how I found this blog too. I think I’ve worked my sheer bafflement out of my system.

    I’m sure when one of those kids comes out of the closet or murders one of their siblings there will be a new post (maybe neither will happen…but c’mon amongst 18 kids one has to be a deviant!)