Here’s Jesus!

This time he won't be coming back to life!

I found this picture at the same web site as the Grant’s Pass Caveman (see next post). What sort of person would want this combination?

He should have had the images on the opposite legs. Then it would appear that Jack Nicholson is looking at Jesus and is probably responsible for his death.

8 Responses to “Here’s Jesus!”

  1. robin Says:

    With the images switched, it would also look like Jesus was staring at his butt.


  2. Sue Blue Says:

    I’m with you, robin. Is Jesus getting a load of this guy’s nads? Sure looks that way.

  3. ericsan Says:

    What a lovely combination. In other tattoo news, Zune Guy is now pissed off at Microsoft and is getting his Zune tattoos removed/overwritten, and he bought an iPod.

  4. Jesse Says:

    Yeah, Jesus is totally looking up the guy’s shorts.

  5. S. Says:

    Satan looks eerily like Tom Arnold.

  6. Sarah Says:

    I just love how Jesus has some red bumps right in the middle of his forehead XD

  7. Sue Blue Says:

    “Hey, Jesus! HEEeeeRE’s Johnny!”

    Why does Jack Nicholson look so happy, while Jesus looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but on this guy’s hairy gam? Other than the fact that he’s the supposed Son of God, and he’s being forced to check out this guy’s package for as long as it lasts? Why do people feel compelled to do this kind of shit? Why not just tattoo “STUPID” or “RETARD” right on their foreheads, saving us the trouble of looking at the rest of their anatomy to figure it out?

  8. S. Says:

    Looks like something only a redneck would do,that’s all I can say,LOL.