Fundies Are Pro-Choice After All!

It's not your body. You're only borrowing it from a fundie.

The headline over at fundie “news” site OneNewsNow is:

Teen’s Mother Forces Her to Have an Abortion

The story is pretty much encapsulated in the headline. A 16-year-old girl wanted to have the baby. Her mother pressured her to get an abortion, which is ultimately what happened. OneNewsNow is wailing and moaning like this is the worst thing ever.

Apparently the fundies don’t like it when somebody else tells them what they can or can’t do with their own bodies.

36 Responses to “Fundies Are Pro-Choice After All!”

  1. David Says:

    It’s not about choice, it’s not about parental control, it’s about Every Sperm Is Sacred.

    If sex does not carry the Damocles’ Sword of a possible pregnancy every time, how WILL they control it?

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I feel for the young woman. I’m pro choice…therefore, she should have had the option to have the baby.

    However, I don’t think we’re getting the whole picture here…the website never explained why the mother felt the need for her daughter to go through with it. Did the mother feel that she wasn’t emotionally mature enough to go through with pregnancy and labor? Did she feel that the boyfriend’s family would not have been good caretakers of the child?

    As usual, does not delve into the issue to thoroughly examine the motives behind said decision…it’s only fuel for their propaganda against abortion/gays/sex outside marriage agenda.

    Btw…I’ve never seen a website as obsessed with sex as this one besides porn sites. It is just that ONN is obsessed in a different way.

  3. Sue Blue Says:

    No, these people really don’t believe that “every sperm is sacred”. If they did, you’d have retard pharmacists refusing to sell condoms or spermicides – and they’d be all up in arms over Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra…except for married men, of course. You’d see huge campaigns against the evils of jerking off – “just think of all those millions of babies you’re killing every time you rub one out!!!!”

    No – it’s all about the women. Those evil, filthy creatures whose only God-given excuse for existence is to be an incubator. Do incubators have a say in whether or not to fulfill their function? Does an incubator need an education? A job or career? Should incubators vote?

    Seriously, this is the way these people see women, and it’s all thanks to those wonderful, patriarchal monotheistic religions. I always want to ask them (getting right up in their stupid, moony-eyed faces while I scream it): What the fuck did your God give women brains for, anyway, if everything that’s important about them is between their legs????!!!!


  4. The Watcher Says:

    In addition to Lindsay’s excellent comment above, it seems to me that OneNewsNow spends an awful lot of time talking about how parents should have final say over their kids’ decisions. I guess that doesn’t apply when those decisions disagree with the ONN ideology.

    Will they please make up their mind, take a position, and stick with it?

  5. Barbara Says:

    And of course, they must refer to Dr. Tiller’s medical facility as an “abortion facility” although they also provide a myriad of other services for women.

    Dr. Tiller was shot in 1993 by some fundie fucktard ( I love how pro-choice people see no evil in shooting doctors that provide abortion services ) and thank goodness she was a pathetic shot, he survived.

  6. Private Tom Says:

    Sue-first two paragraphs pwned, but I disagree with the last one-the Christian Left movement is very much pro-woman’s rights.

  7. Ron Britton Says:


    The Christian Left wouldn’t be classified as fundie. I suspect they’d disagree with much of what OneNewsNow publishes.

  8. Glen Says:

    La Francis, knowing the teenagers will be impacted for life, believes the situation is all the more reason for states to pass laws making it illegal to coerce a person into an abortion.

    Of course, there is no problem with laws that effectively coerce girls and women to bear children they don’t want/can’t afford/recognize they’re not ready for/”be impacted for life” by, right? Got it.

    Shoe, meet other foot.

  9. Brian Says:

    Sue Blue,

    I think you need to come out of your shell and tell us what you really think!

    Yeah, misogyny and Christianity have relied upon one another for millennia to pursue their mutual erstwhile goal of retarding human civilization as much as possible. Keeping “wimmin frum gettin’ too uppity” is what drives the right’s positions on matters that are none of their goddamned business in the first place. Of course, the specter of liberated, sexually expressive women, while perhaps every straight high school male’s fantasy, is the dreaded bane of morally upstanding, God-fearing Christians. Oh, the horrors of boobies! What will we tell the children?!?

    Oh, and let’s not forget the gays, and their emasculating (but fabulously stylish and color-coordinated) ways. They upset the very picture of what manhood ought to be for men who start out life taught to be ashamed of every normal, hormonal thought they’ve ever had and then grow up to believe that their magic book contains all the information on human sexuality they’ll ever need to know, and furthermore directs them to pass judgment on everyone else, whether we fucking like it or not.

    Usually, those speaking down to the rest of us from on high about how sinful and disgraceful our naked scrums with other people are usually have the highest probability of being outed as the very thing they decry, such as Mark Foley, Ted Haggard, Sens. Craig and Vitter, and of course a frighteningly large portion of the Catholic priesthood. They seem to follow the “he who smelt it dealt it” principle, which I’ve always found to be a more helpful tool in life than any prayer or bible verse.

  10. S. Says:

    Of course, there is no problem with laws that effectively coerce girls and women to bear children they don’t want/can’t afford/recognize they’re not ready for/”be impacted for life” by, right? Got it.

    oh man,ain’t that true!! it’s a two-way street…and that’s just what happens when women are denied access to abortion services.

  11. S. Says:

    what I really hate are those looney ppl who don’t even want the pill or IUD to be legal..they’re nuts! .An embryo only has the potential to implant,that doesn’t mean it will;even so,it’s a far cry from being human! a few bricks do not make a house.
    for that matter,throw in all those opposed to stem and embryo research.lock them up and throw away the key!

  12. Parrotlover77 Says:

    SB – There is certainly a large motive in controlling women with the obsession over making pregnancy termination illegal. However, I disagree that is the only motive. Women are certainly the first step to achieving their Dark Ages dream world, but they want control over everybody. To the fundiest fundie, masturbating IS a sin; condoms ARE bad; viagra is hellspawn itself! They certainly cannot start at making condoms illegal (too much backlash). So they start at “saving the babies.” Then they inch into “abstience.” Before you know it, you have “purity balls.” It’s only a matter of time before the boys start to feel the pinch too. Sure, their dark ages fantasy includes men being The Masters Of Their Domain, but they will have restrictions… They won’t be allowed to wear condoms, masturbate, or cry (or feel any emotion other than bloodlust and jesus-love). After that, the church and the government will become one. Then we’ll be back int he good ol’ days of the Dark Ages.

  13. Sarah Says:

    XD Wow! This is just pathetic…

    However, they will always fall back onto the excuse of ‘IT’S A HUMAN LIFE!’ whenever we try to use incidents like this to poke holes in their hypocritical pot of steaming bullshit.

  14. LadyRavana Says:

    I recently heard that the Bush administration is now attempting to declare birth control as “abortifacient.” No, I’m not kidding.

    Check it out:

    No – it’s all about the women. Those evil, filthy creatures whose only God-given excuse for existence is to be an incubator. Do incubators have a say in whether or not to fulfill their function? Does an incubator need an education? A job or career? Should incubators vote?

    …According to the Religious Reich, no.

    We women should all just don burkas and be done with it. Fucking patriarchal bastards. My lady parts, my jurisdiction, assholes.

    It just makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I mean, if you want to prevent an abortion, then surely you want to prevent pregnancy in the first place, so that there isn’t a fetus to abort, right?

    As the late great George Carlin once said “Before you’re born, your golden. After you’re born, you’re garbage.”

  15. Lindsay Says:

    LadyRavana, I don’t think the problem with the fundamentalists and their sex/pro-life views is the “you can’t have it both ways” argument. I think what they are getting at is the old “sex is for procreation, not recreation (can you tell I grew up Catholic :-p). There is no recognition of the value of sex for reasons other than procreation; sex can be positive in a stable relationship as it promotes unity, happiness, emotional ties etcetera etcetera etcetera. Fundies paint it as something “bad” to want to have those sort of feelings towards another person…I don’t think fundies have quite said it in that way, but I haven’t ever seen fundies ever put a positive spin on sex unless it is for baby making either.

    This is another observation, but from just my point of view it must be difficult to be a single fundie. The websites I have seen constantly talk about family – children, marriage etc. What about the interests of fundie singles…do they feel the only purpose in life is to get married and have children? Maybe I’m just a big city yuppie but I tend to think that there is more to life than than husbands and babies…and this is coming from someone who is married!

  16. Parrotlover77 Says:

    do they feel the only purpose in life is to get married and have children?

    Yes. I was encouraged once by fundie relatives to go to “singles” meetings at a church. I never went, but from the information I gathered from morbid interest, that’s about the sum of it.

    Fundies REALLY don’t understand the childfree, like myself. (It’s not as bad as the heathen gays, mind you.) But, I mean, my goodness, we got married without the intent to ever make babeez! I have to talk to my wife about things other than children! She has to spend her whole life NOT pregnant! We have sex without there ever being even the slightest tiny chance of a conception (I’m snipped)! I’m a walking, talking, voting “alternative lifestyle!” And I’m not even gay! 😉 At least it’s still okay to get married if you don’t want kids. I suppose a constitutional amendment to ban that is somewhere on their Return to the Dark Ages Glory Years List, though.

  17. ginger1981 Says:

    I’m not particulary interested in children myself…at least not at this point in my life. Case in point…yesterday I was at Target and I saw a young Hasidic Jew woman and her brood of children…6 of them, and they all appeared under the age of 8/9 years old. She looked absolutely shattered…I would imagine she wasn’t more than 30 but with the dark circles under her eyes she looked much older.

    Not everyone should have kids…or at least have them in such rapid succession as to overwhelm oneself. I truly feel for these women who are seen in their respective cultures of having little value more than just for mothering children.

    And tying this in with the original subject of the post 😉 , could the mother of this young woman in KS felt that she was saving her “child” as well?

  18. S. Says:

    I guess maybe she thought she was doing what was best for her? that she’s too young to have a baby,she needs to finish HS,maybe even go to college,have a job first…etc. of course that doesn’t make it right though.
    otoh,she could have just been embarrassed, and so rid of the pregnancy for that reason alone..

  19. Sue Blue Says:

    Isn’t George Tiller of the “George Tiller Abortion Clinic” the doctor the fundies have been after for allegedly performing late-term abortions? When I went to OneNewsNow and read the story, it sounded like yet another blown-out-of-all-proportion rant meant to get the pro-lifers frothing at the mouth. If they can’t accuse the doctor or clinic of ripping screaming babies in pieces from their mother’s wombs, then they start in with stupid crap about this girl being a victim of “statutory rape” (they never mentioned the father’s age) and how the girl’s mother was this creature of unbridled evil. I was a little confused – was statutory rape okay as long as the guy married the girl? Was this preferable to an abortion? Did the girl REALLY want to keep the baby? The article sounds like a load of fundie crap to me, especially when I read the breathlessly outraged comments at the end of it.

  20. Sue Blue Says:

    And I still say that the whole sex-control thing is aimed at women, and women exclusively. Show me a single pharmacist refusing to sell condoms or spermicide, or a single doctor refusing to do vasectomies because it violates his religious principles, and I’ll eat my words.

  21. Parrotlover77 Says:

    SB – Certainly women feel the brunt of it and certainly allowing pharmacists to refuse to sell drugs is repugnant, but there are, indeed, doctors who do not perform vasectomies on males who have not had children. As for doctors that never perform vas’s due to religious beliefs, they probably are not urologists or do not advertise that as being the reason (speculation). However, browse around some childfree forums and you will see men complaining that their urologist wouldn’t do it because of fears he would “change his mind later” or because he wasn’t married. They are FEWER (compared to tubal ligation requests for the same reason) but they exist. I was lucky.

    Additionally, the suppression of masturbation through guilt is an ancient christian tradition aimed squarely at men. I didn’t grow up fundie and I still felt guilty until my mid-teens when I realized it was normal.

    Now, if you are arguing where our attention should be placed, I agree that women are being oppressed far worse than men ever have or probably ever will and that is where our attention should certainly be. My point was that it won’t end with sexual oppression of women, not that men and women bear equal burdens in the battle. Women are the easier target probably mainly due to the bible whole-heartedly endorsing their oppression (not to mention the long history of oppressing women). But rest assured, the fundies will not be happy until sex is only an act of procreation and nothing more — for men and women both. That was my only point. 🙂

  22. S. Says:

    sex oppression…it all boils down to women being able to have sex without fear of getting pregnant,or if they do,being free to have an abortion.
    reminds me of the 70’s when Helen Reddy went to no. 1 on the charts with ‘I am Woman’.The oppressors didn’t like it one bit.How dare us be so bold!

  23. Lindsay Says:

    This reminds me of a giant billboard in my neigborhood…I’ll get a pic and send it in sometimes. It says “Embryos Are Tiny Babies” and has a photo of two babies in bonnets. I can’t help it but I always chuckle when I see it…talk about boiling down the message!

  24. S. Says:

    LOL…Oh my… that is just taking it wayyy to far! an embryo has no chance for life at all until it implants..if it even does implant.many of them don’t.
    even so…the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are the most likely time to miscarry.I think the stats are that approx. 25% of all pregnancies will end spontaneously during that’s putting the cart b/f the horse to call it all murder.
    if you wanted to go a bit further.. many babies are stillborn,are born premature and die,or die shortly after birth..even born healthy,many die within the first yr from SIDS.I don’t know the exact stats on how many pregnancies actually produce a healthy,viable infant that will make it to one yr of age,but what I would say to someone who is upset over an abortion is that you really don’t know that you 1- wouldn’t have miscarried anyway,and 2-would have given birth to a healthy,live infant.
    so for these anti-abortionists to call every pregnancy or embryo a child murder is just plain ridiculous.they need to lok at the stats and take a % of that away,but alas,they won’t do hurts their cause.

  25. Sue Blue Says:

    Parrot – I may have to eat a few of my words, if there are actually doctors not prescribing Viagra or counseling men against masturbation. I haven’t heard of any, but then, the headlines about pharmaceutical discrimination against women have been grabbing a lot of attention lately. I admit I have a bias, being female. Ever since childhood, my biggest beef against religion was the bald-faced sexism of the Bible, and all the shitty treatment of women that has resulted from it. You know, Original Sin and all that. Eve as the mother of all sin. The lovely stories of Lot’s daughter and the guy in Judges who lets his daughter and concubine be raped to spare his male guest. The misogynistic rantings of Paul. Pissed me off right from the start! And let’s face it – when a man “sins” it’s a lot less visible. Who’s going to police masturbation? Are the moral cops going to come by and light up your sheets with Luminol to see if you’ve been a bad boy? Pregnancy is a much more obvious indicator of naughtiness – but who can tell if a woman is a slut if she’s able to avoid pregancy through the evil of birth control? Hence the focus of the present campaign. But yes, fundies DO want to control everybody one way or another.

    S. – you’re right on the money. As a nurse, I can say that current medical estimates are that about one-third of all conceptions end in miscarriage. If only these fundies realized that their god is the greatest abortionist of all.

  26. S. Says:

    yea that Paul was a real character! ..and how the men could have more than one wife in the bible..what a put-down on can do as he wants,but woman…well,she ‘ll just have to put up w/ sharing him! I’m surprised it isn’t still allowed.I wonder how the fundie women would feel about it?!
    I had brought up that point of spontaneous abortion on an abortion board one time..and was told that it ‘didn’t count’.not sure why… not all of those can be attributed to fetal defects.

  27. Lindsay Says:

    Don’t forget the fundie Mormon women. Warren Jeffs had well over 20 wives.

    I’ll have to look into it but do the fundie mormons take the polygamous marriages straight from the bible or is it something Joseph Smith made up? Darn it, the Mormons haven’t come by lately to give me a Book of Mormon so I can look it up…

  28. S. Says:

    right,I just wonder how ppl like Michelle Duggar would like it..probably not one bit!
    I don’t know about the marriages,let us know when you find out?

  29. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Most of the “pop” polygamous wives (ie, in the news or otherwise on the teevee) seem to not mind sharing the hubby. Either they love him so much they will do whatever it takes to make him happy -OR- they really don’t want to sleep with him every day and are glad to share the burden, in addition to thinking they are doing God’s work and being fruitful and whatever other dumbass things they’ve been brainwashed about. Maybe I stated a false dichotomy there, but I’m still betting deep down it’s option B.

  30. Lindsay Says:

    The only thing that bothers me about the fundie Mormons is how they marry off the girls at age 12/13 and start reproducin’ soon thereafter. If they were all consenting adults and wanted to have celestial marriages with the same guy…well fine that is their own choice no matter how nutty I think it is.

    Otherwise, they don’t seem to bother anyone outside of the YFZ compound…you don’t see them trying to get fundie mormons elected or try to change the laws. In that way they are like the Amish…they live their own lives and do their own thing and don’t try to bother the rest of us.

    However, I still get grossed out thinking how these fundie mormon men enjoy having sex with girls that have barely hit puberty. Ewww…

  31. Barbara Says:

    They DO affect people outside the compound in a very serious way. You have to remember that there is nothing the FLDS church can do to manipulate the ratio of male to female children. This means that the compound will have far too many men on its hands if all of them remain with the group. Almost 50% of the teenage boys will be turned out into “normal” society with serious problems including a lack of education. The state will then bear the responsibility of education and training these boys, most of whom will offen suffer mental problems as a result of their upbringing. The group and its members are notorious tax evaders so the rest of us will bear the brunt of paying for services for these boys as well as the increasing number of girls and women who escape as well.

  32. Barbara Says:

    Here’s a good article on the “lost boys”.

  33. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Good point, Barbara. Additionally, I personally think the LDS are the worst door-to-door salesmen offenders of any religion. Is that tenant of LDS not practiced with the fundie flavors?

  34. Lindsay Says:

    Good point…thanks for the article as well Barb, it was very informative. We hear so much about the young women getting raped and impregnated that the boys get overlooked.

    Also, after doing a bit of research apparently a lot of these extra large FLDS families are supported on welfare. Since the mothers are not legally married to their husbands they can make benefits claims.

    So yes my mind has been changed…they are sponging off the rest of us to support some really inhumane practices. It’s amazing how this country takes stands against crimes against humanity in places like China and Zimbabwe but something…perhaps not as openly insidious…is happening right here in our own country.

  35. Barbara Says:

    I kind of don’t mind the “regular” LDS, mainly because I have so many friends in the adoption world that are LDS, and they are definitely a pro-adoption religion. Some of their beliefs are wacky and I might feel differently if I lived in Utah, but the individuals I know are all really nice and none of them has ever tried to “sell” their religion to me.

  36. Sue Blue Says:

    I have relatives that live in northeastern Nevada and they tell me the Mormons control every business from sheep-ranching to car dealerships in the area. Apparently they are a very closed community. If you aren’t a Mormon, it’s almost impossible to get a business started, and if you do manage it, they undercut you in various ways. There’s a lot of really empty countryside out there, and, according to the stories I’ve heard, some really weird shit happening there. Anyone heard of the Avenging Angels? Fun bunch.