But They’ll Still be Selling the Cadbury Egg, Right?

I thought I hid it better

I found this image on Impacted Wisdom Truth, and I thought it was too funny to hold until next year to run it.

5 Responses to “But They’ll Still be Selling the Cadbury Egg, Right?”

  1. Ryan Says:

    That’s funny! BTW, you should check out my blog, “Answers in Genesis Busted”



  2. Friar Zero Says:

    This blogs subtitle should be: “Reading Fundy Blogs so you don’t have to.”

  3. Glen Says:

    No offense, but I heard this joke in roughly 1970. I guess it’s true, “Everything old is new again.”

  4. Ron Britton Says:


    I guess you’re better travelled than I. It’s only an old joke if you’ve heard it.

  5. Glen Says:


    Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t really count escaping from Ohio to New York in 1971 counts as “well travelled.” (Sane, maybe…)