Welcome, SF Atheists!

I just got back from the monthly meeting of the San Francisco Atheists. This is the first time I’ve ever been to such a gathering. I had a good time. I also shamelessly plugged Bay of Fundie.

If you were at that meeting, welcome aboard! I’m glad you stopped by to check out my blog. I hope you’ll make BoF a regular stop.

For anybody else reading this post, have you ever considered joining your local atheist organization? You don’t have to be an atheist. They accept all rational people, such as agnostics, humanists, and freethinkers. If you have a brain that you actually use, come to a meeting. You’ll find it filled with some of the smartest people around, and you’ll have some of the most stimulating conversations you’ve had in a long time. Or if you’d rather contribute to the decay of modern civilization, you can sit at home and watch American Idol.

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