Vegas Notes

I go to church every day

The church many people will be “praying” at after partying too hard in Vegas

While I was in Las Vegas last weekend, I snapped a few pictures of odd things I saw. The above photo is of the toilet in my room. Just keep away from the holy water.

For many months, I wasn’t sure whether I’d even be able to go to TAM 6 this year, because of job conflicts. I wasn’t able to make the commitment until just a few weeks before TAM. By that time, the convention rate on the official hotel (the Flamingo) had expired. Now they wanted over $200 per night. Holy crapper! (see above) I can’t justify that. I looked around for someplace cheaper. I found the Super 8 Koval just one (very long) block off of the Strip. It was something like $70 per night, so that’s where I ended up. It’s a tolerable place, and it appeared clean. Much to my amazement, the walk between the S8 and the Flamingo was not packed with crack whores, drug dealers, and Elvis impersonators. It was, however, a very long walk in the extreme Vegas summer heat.

But imagine my surprise when I checked into my room and found this:

It's just plain big!

WOW!! Las Vegas, city of extremes!

I saw this sign in the lobby of the hotel. I didn’t eat there. If it really is the best, they wouldn’t need to use irony quotes.

I know you'll 'enjoy' it

5 Responses to “Vegas Notes”

  1. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I used to rent a duplex that had all Church toilets. I also found that highly humorous. At that time, my friends and I were really into the Highlander TV series and we used to joke that if an immortal came by to cut your head off, just go take a crap and you’re safe. (They are not allowed to fight on “holy ground.”)

  2. JoJo Says:

    A long time ago I worked for the Church Toilet Seat company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Trust me, any humor connected with the name dissipated very quickly.

  3. The Watcher Says:

    Love the caption on your top pic. I’ll join you at TAM next year. I’m gonna do my darnedest!

  4. Zabimaru Says:

    I have finally gotten an explanation for what people are thinking when they use quotation marks like that. Apparently they use them for emphasis, instead of putting it in bold or capitals or something.

    I have an example in the town where I live that is even funnier to me. I travel a lot by bus and it kills my back, and a bus company I sometimes travel with has a big sign that says:

    Travel “comfortably”, travel by bus!

    The quotation marks are just so perfectly suitable and surprisingly honest there 🙂 But I guess that they didn’t see it that way.

  5. Ron Britton Says:


    You’re probably correct. No one has ever explained that to me. However, it’s a completely improper use of quotation marks. It’s another example of how ignorance is ruining things for those of us who know better.

    There’s a stand-up comic who did a bit in his act about this. I think he was talking about a “No Parking” sign. He said:

    I saw a sign that said “No Parking”. But the “No Parking” was in quotation marks. That means only one of two things. They were being ironic, or they were quoting another sign.