The Other Family Circus

It's a crock

Few things on this Earth are more horrid than The Family Circus. Bil Keane is now 85 years old, and he still won’t quit. That won’t matter anyway, because his son is poised to take over the strip. Except for the oblong heads and massive thighs, Keane is actually a fairly good artist. The strip could have been funny. Where he falls down are the captions.


Loyal BoF reader Ericsan has called my attention to The Other Family. This is a website that takes Keane’s comics and recaptions them. The three panels I’ve reproduced here are from that site.

It’s really a shame that Bil Keane has been phoning it in for the past 48 years. If he’d apply just a little effort, he could write captions as funny as these.


3 Responses to “The Other Family Circus”

  1. Modusoperandi Says:

    Don’t forget the Fatwa Circus

  2. ericsan Says:

    Heeey! I’m famous! Yai!

  3. Loopy Says:

    I absolutely love “The Other Family”. Every time I see “The Family Circus” in the newspaper, I feel like gagging. It’s so cliche and awful. Bil Keane really needs to move on.