Fun with Pentecostals

Take to your next church service.

(Image from The Holy Observer)

Go read this post at Violent Acres. It’s hysterical!

Church services always started off quiet enough with the organ playing and parishioners quietly whispering greetings and shaking hands. But among the kids, there was a kind of electricity in the air. Half of the time, we could barely contain ourselves. We knew that if things went well, it was likely we’d see some crazy ass shit.

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3 Responses to “Fun with Pentecostals”

  1. Sharley Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG. I’d heard Pentecostals were weird, but I didn’t realize they were the “speaking in tongues” people. Ever since I found out what that actually meant I’ve wondered if all the “holy rollers” shouldn’t just get put on antipsychotics. Because, you know, normal people call that a psychotic break.

  2. Shannon M. Singleton Says:

    Oh man, that was hillarious…

  3. LadyRavana Says:


    Oh. My. GODS. I laughed until my sides hurt. That is HILARIOUS.

    Duuuude, Pentecostals are AWESOME. Almost makes me want to sneak into a church one day just so I can watch…because duuude. Free freak show!

    Kinda makes me wish I could slip some LSD into the holy water…then we’d have some REAL fun! đŸ˜€