Lunch with Lucifer

The devil is a terrible chef


I love it when this happens. I bought lunch at this crappy “Hawaiian Grill” today, and, as you can see by the receipt above, the total was $6.66!

I remember eating there once before, and the food was pretty bad. Somehow that memory had faded enough that I forgot. Now I know why it’s bad. It’s devil food! (No, wait. Devil’s food is good! It’s angel’s food that’s bad. No, wait. Angel’s food is good too. I’m confused! They can’t both be good, can they? One thing I do know: This Hawaiian BBQ is bad!)

Back in this blog’s heyday, I wrote an amusing article about restaurant bills that come out to $6.66.

It’s getting harder and harder to pay $6.66 for food anymore. Prices have just gone up too much. Inflation is driving Satan into bankruptcy!

Another weird thing that I haven’t figured out is Subway. I end up eating there about once a week, because there’s one near work. Depending on which sandwich and drink I get, I sometimes see them ring it up on the register as $6.66. That total shows up on the display for about half a second, and then it drops to $6.50! I thought I was imagining it, but I’ve seen it too often now. It’s definitely happening.

I thought maybe the franchisee was a religious nut, and he had programmed the register to subtract 16 cents every time it came out to $6.66, but that can’t be it. I’ve compared the prices printed on the receipt to the prices on the menu, and they match. There’s no reason for it to come out to the higher amount in the first place.

Has anybody else seen that happen or know why a register would display a wrong price at first and then the correct price?

10 Responses to “Lunch with Lucifer”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Computers are tools of evil. When the antichrist comes, the “mark” the non-Christians (the non-REAL Christians) will receive in their hands will be transceiver chips. Hal Lindsay was predicting something similar back in the seventies. Where ya been?

    Here, the logic is unassailable:

  2. Jeff Says:

    Here’s another one:

    This is divine revelation, Ron. You can’t argue with it!

    I’ll say it again – I can’t believe we’ve lasted this long.

  3. Artor Says:

    I bought some chips & soda at a minimart, and the total came to $6.66. I was going to make mention of it to the clerk, when I noticed his name was Dante…

  4. TB Tabby Says:

    When I played Grand Prix mode in Mario Kart 64, the standings would always have three racers tied for sixth after a couple races. I nicknamed those three “The Satanic Trio.”

  5. Jeff Says:

    Here’s a divinely inspired dramatization from thirty years ago:

  6. Joe Says:

    Has anybody else seen that happen or know why a register would display a wrong price at first and then the correct price?

    not knowing the prices or the point-of-sale system @ subway, but having a lot of experience with programming and point-of-sale systems in general, I’m guessing it’s a discount mechanism for bundled goods — if a sub is $x, chips are $y, and a drink is $z, the register is adding each item and displaying the running total, but after the third item is added and the total displayed for $(x+y+z), the bundle discount is applied and the total is updated to the new price.

    that or some sort of crypto-fascist, marxist, islamic atheist, reptiloid conspiracy engineered to hide the secret messages being passed among the masonic lodges to coordinate distribution of the mind control drugs in the chem-trails

    probably the first one though

  7. Ron Britton Says:


    A bundle discount is the first thing I thought of, but that’s not it. Subway only gives a discount if you buy chips as well, and I never do. It’s just the straight sum of the sandwich and drink. The final price is the correct price.

    I don’t know why it first flashes an incorrect price. Maybe the franchisee is a Satanist, and he thinks by first ringing up every order as $6.66, then Satan gets the money from all the orders.

  8. Jeff Says:

    You laugh now. Just wait; Jesus is coming to wipe that smirk off your face.

    I mean it; he’s really coming! He’ll be here!

    Any minute, now…

  9. Ron Britton Says:

    Just wait; Jesus is coming to wipe that smirk off your face.

    Yes, but he’s stopping off at Subway first.

    Now I get it! Jared is the Antichrist!

  10. Jim Jones Says:

    Why $6.66?
    IMO, the register strobes the digits on the display. This means it sends each signal for each digit to all display digits and turns them on at the right time to give the illusion of a steady display. (It’s somewhat the way that movies work – each image flicks on for a fraction of a second). I imagine what you see is an artifact of this since only the first digit is displaying for a moment and the others have no signal yet. You will know I’m right if you sometimes see 1.11, 2.22, 3.33 etc depending on the total.

    If, OTOH, you only see this with a $6.xx total then it IS Satan.