National Banana

There’s a comedy group calling themselves National Banana. Here are two of their videos.

Priest Off

(YouTube page is here)

The Politics of Stem Cell Research

(YouTube page is here)

5 Responses to “National Banana”

  1. RayCeeYa Says:

    OK, the first one was hilarious but the second one made my head hurt with rage.

    Hey pop quiz guys,

    What are Clinton’s and Obama’s opinions abut stemcells? Anyone? Anyone?

    Bueller… Bueller…

    Seriously though, does anyone really know off the top of their heads if Clinton or Obama has a more progressive stance on stemcells than than their Repug counterparts?

    In my opinion we’ve become so terrified of being stuck with another four years of republican dumbsh*tery that we don’t even want to ask those questions of those we do want elected, for fear that we might just be giving the right wing noise machine more ammo to shoot at those same candidates we want elected.

    Welcome to the world of the “hot button” issue.

  2. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Only the religious right is “anti-stem cell” so I’m pretty confident that any Democrat (save, turncoat “independent” Lieberman) would support stem cell research funding. If a candidate supports reproductive choice (as in terms of abortion), then I don’t see how a candidate can’t support stem cell research as it’s millions of cells LESS than a fetus.

  3. The Watcher Says:

    I agree, Parrotlover. Anybody in favor of abortion rights is almost certain to be in favor of stem-cell research.

    And Ron, that first video…hilarious, but so, so wrong 🙂

  4. RayCeeYa Says:

    But are you ever going to get either of them to admit to it in public?

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Oh, I dunno… Does any of this count?,2933,299358,00.html

    So… do you need anything more “public?”