Limp Fundie Arguments

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Since I have a second oddly-suggestive photograph of Kim Jong-Il, I need to write a second article. Here are some comments I found on a fundie “news” site about the Christmas trees that the South Korean fundies are putting on the border to piss off the North Koreans.

A Christian calling himself A_Proud_Infidel says:

Overseas, the Commies persecute Christianity worse than their ACLU brethren in the USA!

I don’t think the exclamation point means he’s shouting the entire comment. I suspect that’s how he always writes USA.


Along those same lines, raffaro writes:

SHIT aren’t atheists pigs trying that here in America.Looks like they have alot in common with those Staliist pigs after all !!!!!!!

Camarottajr says:

I guess we have to wait for the “JackAss In Chief,” barack hussein obama to weigh in on this after he finishes his meeting with the mu slimes about tolorance…! My bet is JackAss In Chief barack hussein obama won’t say a word, what say you?

I say he needs to meet with the Christians about tolerance.

Orent asks why we allow North Korea to continue to exist, to which Lilly Maus replies:

“Allowed to continue?”…Did you know they have the bomb??? did you know they don’t have morals ???…Now add bomb + no morals = KABOOM…

I’m not sure what evidence the “no morals” claim is based on. I’m guessing it’s because communists are atheists, so of course they have no morals!

glenp827 writes:

CHRISTMAS TREE is a pagan symbol coopted for the holiday

to which Violet asks:

Is that why makes atheists so angry? We stole their Yule Logs and conifer trees.

Yes. That’s exactly why. It has nothing to do with fundies trying to turn the United States into their own version of North Korea.

Elsewhere on that page, Violet also says:

Guess South Korea is getting a taste of what it is to be an American Christian. We deal with this all the time. Somebody is always yapping about how Christians offend them.

Actually, Christians don’t offend me, and I don’t know very many non-Christians who are offended by them. We’re just offended by their actions.

Somebody named jong (really?) writes:

God bless those that put up the Trees. Throw a bag of rice at North Korea that will shut them up. Or even better put a nativity on the US Consulate and make sure it is well lite(I am sorry I forgot we have a muslim homosexual as President and Sec. of State is also a Marxist little chance of that happening)

Not to mention the fact that we don’t have a US consulate in North Korea.

Doug has a treasure trove of gems for us:

The ungodly will go at any length to stop Christianity at all costs. They’ll even risk a war, if need be. This incident is an example of their insane quest to shut down God in our lives. Outside our borders lays a vast world of hate for Christians. If you are a Jew or Christian, they want to kill you. Bottom-line: The world hates Christians and Jews………

And inside our country, these ungodly’s, have crept in like cockroaches bringing mayhem into our streets. We were once a peaceful nation, and now we’ve become a nation in terror. They want to take God out of the equation. And let political correctness rule the day. You want troubles in this life, leave Christ out of your life, because you will get no blessings from God.

And we’ve become a nation under siege by these ungodly nations. Watch how this Christmas tree issue unfolds in N. Korea, and watch how the media will fold into “political correctness”!

15 Responses to “Limp Fundie Arguments”

  1. Andy H. Says:

    Do these people who say things like “Somebody is always yapping about how Christians offend them.” ever offer any personal anecdotes about how they were attacked (physically or verbally) or insulted for being Christians in the United States? I’m sure it happens occasionally — there are douchebags in all walks of life — but these guys make it sound like it’s more widespread than racism in 1950s Arkansas.

  2. L.Long Says:

    I’ve been told many times I am an asshole with a bad attitude when I make comments about various religious actions and bigotry. Its nice to be shown how right I am.

    And yes I have yet to meet a xtain (even the nice polite ones) who doesn’t want to force me and everyone else to live under their rules.

  3. Sue Blue Says:

    Christianity: Turning People Into Assholes Wherever It Goes! Rather than questioning the childish attempt at provocation represented by the stupid light display by South Korean xtians, these morons rave about the eeeeeevil communists of the North, where xtianity is “brutally oppressed”. North Koreans certainly are brutally oppressed, but not because of a lack of witless god-bothering. I laughed pretty hard at the clumsy mental gymnastics necessary to equate atheism in the U.S. with a slippery slope to communism. I guffawed at “we were once a peaceful nation”. I’d like to tell that commenter to run that shovelful of shit past some Native Americans and see if they think it’s really ladleful of love. And how’s about ole Johnny Reb down south, still fuming about the outcome of the Civil War and all them freed slaves? What cave did this drooler drag their knuckles out of?

  4. Sue Blue Says:

    So, I just went to that site and left a comment about what unoriginal bastards christians are, co-opting pagan festivals like winter solstice and Easter instead of coming up with some festivals of their own; I told them that, with all the real shit happening in the world today, they should be worrying about more than someone dissing Jesus’ non-birthday. Like maybe judgment day. Or getting a last-minute year-end tax break. Or something. Anything.

    I expect shrieks of outrage to commence at any moment…

  5. Gabriel Nepenthe Says:

    I love how Pagans = Atheists. I mean, nothing says Atheism like a ritualistic death/rebirth celebration with trees, offerings and candles!

    But then, these are probably the same people that think that communism and socialism are the exact same thing… or that communism is exclusive to the Left…

    This War on Xmas thing is just stupid. Xmas is jammed down my throat no matter where I go in town, and one of our radio stations plays Xmas songs 24/7, starting just before Thanksgiving.

    I think this ‘religious freedom’ that our nation was ‘founded on’ that they’re pounding away at seems to be rather obviously one-sided.

  6. Jeff Says:

    Poorly educated garbage. These people exemplify the reason a number of the founders wanted this to be a republic — a sentiment with which I now agree. This trash isn’t capable of governing itself.

  7. Shannon Says:

    The illiteracy, shitty spelling and overall cruddy use of the language makes my inner grammar nazi twitch and scream. Poor Wernher.

    @ Sue Blue: I love that you commented on their entirely Pagan holiday — I’ve been telling people this for years but they insist that I’m wrong. After all, how can I (an actual Pagan) know the history of my own religion better than they (because we all know christianity is the base of all knowledge) do?

    They think I’m spreading anti-christian propaganda. That gives me the giggles.

    Their belief that Atheism and Pagan religions are synonymous…there are no words.

    So. Fucking. Stupid.

  8. Artor Says:

    @Shannon: it’s likely, as shown by the Pew Poll on religious knowledge, that you know the history of THEIR religion more than they do.

  9. Sue Blue Says:

    I once asked my former pastor why, if the birthday of Jesus is so overwhelmingly important that we have to devote not just a day but an entire season to celebrating it, that the Bible doesn’t give some real clue as to the actual timing of the blessed event. That bullshit about the Roman taxation is just that – bullshit. Never went down like that. Jews had plenty of well-documented holidays they could have used as a reference point. Why does the New Testament not say something like, “verily, it came to pass that on the third day of Passover, at the time of the slaying of the she-goats in the third hour, the Messiah was born of a woman in Bethlehem.” Instead, the sacred tome is so vague that the early church had to claim it happened on the same day as the pagan’s midwinter festival. And – golly gee!! – J.C. just happened to die and rise again on Easter! What a convenient coincidence! You’d think that if it was really important to old Yahweh that sonny J’s B-day be honored, he’d make sure the writers of the bible marked the date in no uncertain terms. I’d think he’d be offended that some pagan orgy was standing in for the virgin birth….right? Well, needless to say I got a stony stare and some mumbled bullshit about tradition and “honoring the spirit”.

  10. griffon8 Says:

    Let me just state what everyone here knows: Sue Blue is awesome.

  11. Brian Says:

    Since I learned of the death of Christopher Hitchens I have been re-reading some of his work and watching his videos on YouTube. The last was a lecture he gave titled “The Moral Necessity Of Atheism”, which I just watched prior to reading this article. How fitting that in it he spoke of the sililarity between the “heaven” promised to believers -in which the only freedom granted is the freedom to praise and worship God for eternity- and the totalitarian state of Kim Jong Il which requires all citizens to honor the Dear Leader without question or pause. It is supremely ironic that the uneducated morons who offered the insipid comments we read would happily endorse a Christian totalitarian American state of their own.

  12. Shannon Says:

    @ Artor: I think most Atheists and Pagans do, having spent a small portion of their lives being forced to be part of the faith by their families – and the rest just trying to make sense of it.

  13. Ron Britton Says:


    That’s excellent insight. Fundies aren’t opposed to authoritarianism, just other people’s authoritarianism. It’s part of that intense irony cloud they live under.

    It’s a shame about Hitchens. He had a lot of flaws (e.g., abrasive personality, alcoholism, supporting the Iraq war), but he was one of the best modern writers we had. You definitely wanted him on your side in an argument. He will be sorely missed.

    It’s fitting, then, that almost by accident I found this article by Hitchens about North Korea.

  14. Brian Says:

    And now, as if to atone for the loss inflicted on freethinking people around the planet by losing Hitchens, our world seems to have balanced that out by taking Dear Leader into oblivion.

    I will slightly disagree with you about Hitchens. I didn’t view his personality as generally abrasive. He could, however, be fearless and uncompromising when he felt the need, and when I’ve seen him do it the victim of the “Hitchslap” seemed to richly deserve it.

  15. griffon8 Says:

    I think ‘The Onion’ had one of the best summations of ‘The Hitch’:,26890/