Oh My God! They Killed Santa!

Looks like it took multiple shots

And they seem pretty proud of it, too. Be sure to tag him, or you’ll get fined.

2 Responses to “Oh My God! They Killed Santa!”

  1. amulbunny Says:

    Good lord, right in front of the Watts Towers, it mush have been a sled to sled shooting and Santa fell out of the sled.

  2. Jeff Says:

    A few years ago, Armand Assante did a film in which he portrayed John Gotti. Apparently, Gotti was married to a Jewish woman. There’s a scene that takes place before the wedding, in which he’s playing cards with a few of his buddies. One of them says, “You know, the Jews killed Jesus.” He replies, “Yeah ? Maybe he had it comin’!”