The Reasons for the Season

The reasons for the season

The above image came to me via email. It’s from Truth Saves, but I was unable to find it on that site. The site has a lot of other good stuff, though.


As you’ve noticed, I’m still having a lot of trouble finding time to post new articles. Since I very much would like the site to continue, I’ve been pondering how to do so given the changes in my life’s priorities.

I have an idea on how to proceed. Long-time readers (if they all haven’t wandered off due to no new posts) might not be completely happy with the changes, but the site probably can’t continue in its current form. I hope to have some news about that shortly.

6 Responses to “The Reasons for the Season”

  1. kim Says:

    I love your blog and would stick around regardless of changes. I check in once a week and I’m always happy to see a new update.

  2. James F. McGrath Says:

    And of course, there’s the scientific perspective on the reason for the season…

  3. Jeff Says:

    James, when did you move your blog to Patheos?

    (Watch out for the Real Christians™; that place is swarming with them!)

  4. TB Tabby Says:

    The reason for the season is simple: we need a way to pass the time until the spring thaw. That’s why every culture from a temperate zone has some sort of mid-winter celebration.

  5. Troy Says:

    While the Christmas part is what people focus on, I have to wonder in what other context do people use the word “Merry”?

    You post often enough to be relevant.

  6. Gabriel Nepenthe Says:

    I’m so stealing this to put up on my G+.

    Thank goodness for Bay of Fundie!

    My wife and I have changed the Solstice Celebration into our ‘don’t buy/accept gifts and get the hell outta town’ day. It’s been working out rather well!