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Ed Brayton and Cabin Campbell have a new comic series, Life on Planet Wingnuttia. Here’s the first one.

If you associate with wingnuts, you're screwed

10 Responses to “Planet Wingnuttia”

  1. Sue Blue Says:

    Inside: Rush sings the praises of Viagra, Newt moves to outlaw birth control! Madonnas and Whores! Gay Days on Planet Wingnuttia – and by ‘Gay’ we don’t mean homosexual, we mean happy, happy, happy theocracy!

  2. Diane Says:

    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas are the top 4 divorce states in the country.

    These are crazy religious states. Why aren’t they trying to deal with DIVORCE rates instead?

    Divorce destroys marriage. Not gay marriage.

  3. bunkie Says:

    People destroy marriage not divorce or gay marriage or anything else.

    If the couple cannot work out their differences then something has to give. Either it will be a life of misery, a divorce, a separation or, as in the case of some couples, someone gets hurt physically or dead. Maybe they should not have gotten married in the first place. Maybe the warning signs were there but went unnoticed – for what ever reason. If the union is strong – with good communication etc. – then it probably won’t end in divorce.

    Which means that a bad marriages (non-gay or gay) cause divorces.

  4. Sue Blue Says:

    I wonder if the high divorce rates in the bible belt and red states have anything to do with the patriarchal religious view of marriage as contractual slavery. Hitching up with someone whose only role is as a household drudge and fetal incubator can’t be too uplifting for either men or women. It’s a license for domestic violence. Of course, the religiopublican, theotard knuckledraggers believe that women who ain’t happy boiling pot roasts and fetchin beers have just all been contaminated by them uppity lesbian feminists with their Satan-inspired ideas that women are people with minds of their own and the same rights as the menfolk. In their tiny brains, things just went straight to hell in a handbasket the minute women got the vote.

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    There could be other more benign explanations, Sue Blue. It could be that there is more social pressure to get married in those states and at a younger age. No abuse required. Just a bad social construct which pressures a long-term contract between two young adults who are not yet ready to make that sort of decision.

    Not to say that there is no influence from a patriarchal misogynist religion that requires subservience of women, but also just saying that not everybody from The South is a fundie, no matter how backwards and conservative most of them are in other ways. 🙂

    Err… but yea back on the original point. Where’s the War on Divorce? That would seem to be at least as important to the sanctity of marriage as “undesirables” getting married.

  6. Sue Blue Says:

    Point well-taken, PL. Speaking of the War on DIvorce…I seem to remember something a few years back about a bill to basically outlaw divorce in Kansas or Oklahoma or one of those states. It never got anywhere, but I’m sure it’s just one of the craptastic little rays of stupidity bouncing off the multifaceted gem that is the conservative idea of marriage. I’m going to google it and get back to you.

  7. Sue Blue Says:

    Okay, so back in 2009 John Marcott tried to get an initiative on the ballot (the “California Marriage Protection Act”) to ban divorce, but it was a stab at the Prop 8 assholes, not a move by conservatives. It was exactly what you proposed, PL — a challenge to conservatives who want to “protect” marriage by banning gay marriage. However, several states, including Oklahoma and Kansas, both have bills “strengthening marriages” using research into the supposedly harmful and horrible effects of divorce by — who else — the Family Research Council and the Heritage Foundation, neither of which are bastions of evidenced-based reasoning.

  8. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I know it’s been mentioned before here, but it can’t be emphasized enough. Gay marriage bans, definition of life at conception bills, abortion bans, rollbacks on affirmative action, gender equality, and equal opportunity, etc., they are just the beginning. I generally get irritated at slippery slope arguments, but this is a case where it has proven to be true. Fundies do not just want what they are asking for today. They are looking to ban birth control, get women out of the workplace, rollback voting rights, and resegregate schools. This is not hyperbole! This what they really want and recently they have been empowered to show their true colors in many bills.

    Mississippi voting down the “personhood” bill the way it was warmed my heart. I mean, fuck. It’s fucking Mississippi! The south goes no deeper! And yet it lost in an absolute LANDSLIDE!

    Good stuff. Makes me forget for a few minutes how fucked up other aspects of our country are. Also reinforces to me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  9. Sue Blue Says:

    Yes, indeed the cockles of my heart warmed when I heard the good news about the retarded “personhood” bill going down in flames. Even in Mississippi, there is hope. Sometimes I think that the fundies, right-wing nutters, and other tards in the south just seem like they outnumber the sane and intelligent because they yell louder and are too stupid to know when to shut up and crawl away. Thankfully, it seems that the intelligent Mississipians quietly had their say and outnumbered the droolers at the ballot box.

  10. Parrotlover77 Says:

    This is why I’m cautiously optimistic about the future. Just when it seems there is no hope, you see something like this. I mean that vote wasn’t even close! So it’s not like you can say voter turnout was an issue here for the personhood proponents.

    This is why education is so vastly, vastly important. Our education funding is abysmal and repubs want to defund it more. Or worse, funnel the funding into and give equal weight (or superior wait) to mythology as science.

    The media generally did a good job on that issue, pointing out the flaws with the bill and the real world ramifications of the decision.

    When the electorate is fully informed, they make generally good decisions. Kudos to the founding fathers for recognizing that (even if they only considered the electorate white rich men, at that time). And shame on the media conglomerates for failing to do their job most of the time.