Objections to Objectivism

Three easy steps to Objectivism

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I sometimes get the impression that Objectivists make up a larger percentage of the atheist population than the general population. I’m not an Objectivist myself; I’m too liberal to agree with much of it.

Since the philosophy has such visibility, it’s worth learning a bit about. Ebonmuse over at Daylight Atheism has written an excellent analysis of Objectivism, “Three Objections to Objectivism”.

Ebonmuse writes:

This post will detail three of my primary objections to Rand’s Objectivist philosophy, as it’s expressed in [The Virtue of Selfishness] and her other works. Combined, I believe they demonstrate that Rand’s system of thought either contains fatal self-contradictions, or else would be destructive to the welfare of any society that was to adopt it.

I found the article to be highly informative. Be sure to read the comments afterward. There’s a good discussion of the article and the issues raised.

(I’ve turned off comments for this post. I’m merely pointing you to a good article. Please discuss Objectivism there.)

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