The Fundamentalist Assault on Our Civil Rights Never Takes a Vacation—But I Do!

I know you can't live without me, but you'll have to try

I’m on vacation for the next two weeks. You guys can worry about the fundies for me. I’ll try to look in on the blog every few days to delete the spam comments and fish anybody out of comment moderation.

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  1. *^_^* Says:

    Have a great time, enjoy to the fullest! ;D

  2. ericsan Says:

    Okay, time to get back to work… I need my BoF fix!

  3. Ron Britton Says:

    OK! OK!! I’ve been back for just over a week. I’ve been trying to put an article together, but there have been some complicating family matters. Why couldn’t I have just crawled out of a pod growing on the prairie? Humans have to be born into small dysfunctional groups.

  4. ericsan Says:

    Welcome back! I have to contribute an enjoyable completely off-topic link, I won’t be offended if you delete it… I guess it could be to what Torchwood is to Doctor Who:

    By the way, Doctor Who has restarted a couple of weeks ago with awesome episodes, and how do you like Torchwood: Miracle Day?

    Cheers all y’all 😉

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Miracle Day had me at the edge of my seat for the first three or four episodes. Then suddenly they took a U-Turn on their own in-story mythology. Death is impossible! Except unless you are unconscious, that is, which is sort of like death so we need to burn them completely so they are totally really for-real dead, but not called dead because the ashes are still alive? Nevermind that in the first episode it was very clear that even extra crispy burnt humans still blinked their shiney white eyes, exhibiting some form of life.

    Then it kind of lost me. Russell T. Davies has been kind of pissing me off lately. I was hoping this would make up for it and it almost did. But I’m really getting tired of the huge gaping plot holes because he doesn’t let anybody proof read him, and I’m also quite tired that he constantly tortures his main characters to the point that it’s not really any fun to watch anymore (cf every one of his Who companions’ ending fates and also the end of season 2 of Torchwood and especially Torchwood: Children of Earth).

    That said, I am still enjoying Miracle Day more than 99% of what the teevee offers me these days. So don’t take it as a knock on the show as a whole, which I am enjoying. I just hold Davies up to a very high standard because when he’s good, he’s fucking amazing. It’s just some of his stories, characters, and situations can be frustrating.

    On a related note, Steven Moffat has been fucking incredible scripting Doctor Who since he took over. Before this season started, who would have seen River Song’s origin coming??? That’s all I’m saying. AWESOME. Also, too, Matt Smith is an incredibly talented actor. I was convinced Matt’s Who was going to be Emo Who based on his hair and age alone, but I’ve been pleasantly proved very wrong.

  6. ericsan Says:

    PL77: I never thought I’d end up liking Matt Smith’s Doctor as much as I do now. After a slow confused start, I think he has more than proven himself as a worthy successor to Eccleston and Tennant, bringing a lot to the character.

    The early episodes were also a little weak, but the writing has reached pure brilliance, especially the River Song story arc.

    I’m completely with you on Torchwood, except that it has picked up again and episodes 8 and 9 were just so so good and I’m bracing for the finale tonight. RTD is so brilliant because he manages to introduce such an epic dimension to his stories, give his characters world-size tragic dilemmas (like Jack’s in the conclusion of Torchwood: Children Of Earth) and does not hesitate to sacrifice key characters.

    My favorite of his is still the superb “The Second Coming”.

  7. Parrotlover77 Says:

    I admire sacrifice of key characters and complicated moral dilemmas, but at some point it kind of becomes fiction snuff to me. Where it’s as if the characters’ massive suffering wasn’t enough, here’s some salt to rub into all those wounds, over and over. I think the conclusion of Children of Earth was terrible. Jack was blowed to fricking pieces and Ianto had already died. Jack also had recently experienced all the insane amounts of pain all through the Torchwood first two seasons after losing his entire team (again!) save Gwen. Being forced to sacrifice his grandson at the end to save everybody else went beyond satisfying tragedy fiction to just flat-out puppy kicking my emotions.

    Also, one thing I always liked about classic Who was that while the world was frequently in danger, we never really knew about it. I think it just made me feel like The Doctor could really be out there saving us all. RTD abandoned that whole motif about midway through. He decided that his Earth is just not our Earth and everybody knew about Daleks and whatnot.

    What I thought was so brilliant was how subtley Motaff dealt with that. I can’t remember the exact episode, but I think it was the second one with the Daleks where Amy couldn’t remember what the Daleks were and the Doctor was shocked, as in how could she forget? But the story arc of that season explained it. Since time was being so fundamentally fucked with, stuff was not only changing, but being removed from the universe’s past, present, and future. I loved that. It was a quick and dirty way to retcon Who back into the behind-the-scenes hero nobody knows about but we’re glad to have.

    I’m not entirely sure how Miracle Day and Who will deal with the Miracle Day canon. Maybe it will never unify. Or maybe the “retcon pills” will be added to the ocean when it’s all over with.

    Looking forward to watching the last two episodes you spoke of (they are on my DVR). The last episode I saw, Jack’s boyfriend from the 20s just died. I was just really getting back into it after the whole “classes of life” massive confusion.

  8. ericsan Says:

    Oooooh get ready for a treat!
    As far as reconciling everything with the Whoverse canon, I think they did such an amazing job at messing up timelines, parallel universes, etc… that I’m pretty much completely lost and just enjoying the ride 🙂

  9. Parrotlover77 Says:

    The Miracle Day conclusion was very satisfying in some respects, but also, a bit of a let down too.

    I loved the idea of the immortality being caused not just by Jack and some scientist gone mad or alien device, but instead being as a result of some ancient unexplaned property of the earth itself. The Blessing was a cool idea for the cause of the Miracle.

    That said, why does The Blessing give a rat’s ass about speciation? If it’s basically a scientific-explanable “mother earth” entity and it’s “lived” for billions of years, why does it care about us more than, say, rabbits?

    Also, the special effects dept must have run out of money or RTD out of ideas, because the giant empty nothingness representing the Blessing was a bit underwhelming. The characters were in absolute awe, but I kept giggling to myself “lol earth has a butt crack.” RTD has used the nothingness/blackness/emptiness motif many times before. I was kind of hoping for some structure that had something uniquely recognizable about it.

    And, to prove my point above, the death of Esther was 100% unnecessary. The entire climax of that scene where they were trying to give the Blessing mortal blood was working just fine. After all, they were already dealing with the uncomfortable fact that billions of humans were immediately going to die. Why the fuck did they kill off Esther? She was actually a very well-acted interesting character. RTD just loves torturing his characters. The more shy/awkward they are, the more meaningless their deaths.

    That said, HOLY SHIT the VERY VERY ending was awesome with how they totally laid the seed for next season.

    Again, I must express since some people may not get my point… I complain because I love it. I am not whining that RTD has ruined Whoverse or whatever like I’ve seen others. I’m just venting about the fringes of the story line, commenting on how I thought an extremely good television program could be ever so much better. 😉 And then of course it’s just my opinion.

    Torchwood: Miracle Day was the best Torchwood since Season One. That’s saying a lot. It was truly great. I am really looking forward to next season!

  10. ericsan Says:

    Yai! See, I’m looking at it as just a really really cool fun fair ride. Of course it’s not perfect, but it’s television! When was the last time you saw something this good on TV?

    I’m glad you enjoyed this, and in case you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you watch RTD’s “The Second Coming” it’s utterly brilliant. Ron loved it 🙂

  11. Ron Britton Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed this, and in case you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you watch RTD’s “The Second Coming” it’s utterly brilliant. Ron loved it 🙂

    “Loved” might be a tiny bit too strong, but I did like it a lot. You can see my review here.

  12. ericsan Says:

    Hey, cut me some slack, I gotta sell the goods here 😉