Only 1900 More Years until My Retirement!

As I was cruising around the Cybercast (a.k.a. Christian) News Service’s website to read the article I mentioned in my last post, I noticed that all of the articles that these people have in their Archive section have an improper date stamp.

The Mt. Soledad article, for example, displayed what they believe the current date is: July 4, 106. You read that right; we’re living in the year 106! Check it out yourself, right below the menu.

What a Freudian slip! These people still act like they’re living in the second century. Their website proves it!

Obviously this is a Y2K issue, but Y2K was 6 years ago! How pathetic is that? What are they running? MS DOS 3? They probably didn’t think they would need to update their software, because they expected Jesus to return on 1/1/2000.

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