Skeptics’ Circle #82

Creationism means dinos have tech!

(Image from Random Rantings)

The 82nd Skeptics’ Circle is up at Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes. There’s lots of good stuff there. My favorite is from The Digital Cuttlefish:

Translating from Creationist to English

I’m looking for a linguist who can help me with translation—

For it seems two different languages are used within this nation;

Much more tricky than Bulgarian, more difficult than Greek

Is the twisted form of English that Creationists now speak.

The only rule, thus far, that I have managed to detect

In the reams of legal documents I’ve gathered to inspect,

Is that any word among them that’s significant, has changed

To a wholly different meaning, through some process that’s deranged.

When they say, for instance, “family”, they often mean their church,

And “society” is meaningless without the phrase “John Birch”

This wholesale transformation of the language is quite ruthless;

When they claim that “it’s the truth”, you can be certain that it’s truthless.

Go see the Cuttlefish for the rest of the poem.

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