Carnival of the Godless #86

Carnival of the Godless

The latest Carnival of the Godless is up over at Life Before Death. There’s a good variety of stuff there. I found a couple of articles that relate to recent events here.

We recently discussed John Hagee, the vilest of all fundies. Hagee wants to hasten Armageddon, because apparently Jesus owes him money or something. We also argued over whether Jesus existed at all. Dovetailing with those discussions is the article by Alexander the Atheist, “End Times: 2,000 Years & Counting”. A-the-A writes:

Virtually all Christians believe that we are living during the End Times…. Christians have major issues to address regarding Biblical scripture stating that Jesus would return within the lifetime of his original followers and Jesus not actually being a historical figure, making any debate on End Times specifics pointless because the Biblical end of the world just isn’t going to happen.

To which I would counter: The Biblical end times may not be nigh, but if Hagee and his followers manage to convince President McCain to drop nukes on Iran, we may all end up just as dead.

Vjack at Atheist Revolution is rubbing one of my sore spots with “‘In God We Trust’ Must Go”. I’ve railed against this thorn in the side of separation before. God doesn’t belong on our money or anywhere else in government that the theists keep sticking it. VJ argues against the slogan from three different directions:

  • The Tyranny of the Majority
  • Argument From Tradition
  • The Legal Rationale

After you’ve read those two articles, you should head over to the Carnival and find some more good reading.

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