ZOMG! Your Kids’ Teacher is a Transvestite!

But the bad news is, they’re homeschooled!

I was over at the Traditional Values Coalition website, where I saw a link that said “Do you want men dressed as women teaching your kids?” My reply was “Would you prefer they were undressed?”

Anyway, I clicked on the link, and it took me here:

Transvestite teachers

Don’t you love how any time anybody wants to promote one political agenda or another, they always invoke the “do it for the children!” meme?

What I love about the above picture is the impending storm clouds. Uh oh! Can’t be good!

I also love how they were sure to make their cast multi-racial. Hey, fundies! Check that middle kid’s green card! He’s brown; he can’t be here legally!

Also note how they refer to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I suppose they’re so busy plotting which “liberal” program to demolish next (I’m guessing the 40-hour work week) that they’ve forgotten to update their website. In fact, now that they’re in control of Congress, EDNA is pretty much a mid-term abortion.

The sad thing is, their followers are such Pavlovian salivators that this website probably still pulls in several donations per day.

Here is the rest of that page:

More transvestite teachers

I love these phrases:

Cross-dressing teachers!

Your children will be trapped!

Classes taught by drag queens!


Bizarre sexual fetishes!

Hogtied with two wetsuits and a dildo!

OK, I made up that last one. No fundie would ever be caught dead hogtied, wearing two wetsuits, with a dildo shoved up his ass.

I’m having a hard time envisioning a transgendered teacher, though. I’m not sure what that would look like.

Post-op, pre-Dawkins

10 Responses to “ZOMG! Your Kids’ Teacher is a Transvestite!”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    But transvestites aren’t homosexuals…they just like to wear women’s clothing.

    The thing is, there are MANY GLBT teachers out there in schools teaching their children as I write this. They just don’t announce their sexual orientation to the work place. This only ensures that they aren’t fired for being GLBT.

    I can easily think of a half dozen teachers I had through the years (and an elementary school principal) who were gay. They didn’t go around talking about their lifestyle, and the parents didn’t give a shit as long as little Timmy or Tammy were learning. And this was in Nebraska, which isn’t exactly Berkeley.

  2. L.Long Says:

    I’ve taught at least 14 classes of mixed kids and adults and wear 3 or 4 different style dress over the 14 days. They have never complained or asked if I was a transvestite. And I’m totally hetero.

    And what’s wrong with a dress anyway?

    They are light and swishy and help keep you cool on hot days.

    And have you noticed that when males do wear ‘dresses’ they change the name so their fragile egos can handle it, i.e. kilt, burnos(?), tunic, toga, etc.

  3. Parrotlover77 Says:

    It’s pretty amazing how far out of touch these clowns are. Pro-discriminatory policy only works in the short term. Over the long term, these clowns are always — always — on the wrong side of history.

    …But MLK was a Republican, so you already knew that he was actually a conservative who was against equal rights for black people, but did support a very low top marginal tax rate.

  4. Jane Doe Says:

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here, but as a transgendered person (M to F FYI) I would hope your standards of what a trans person might look like would be higher than the Garrison teacher figure from south park.

    As a matter of fact most trans people “pass” society standards in every way, so well, that you would never notice.

    In any case keep up the good work in exposing this bigoted craziness.

  5. M.S. Says:

    So many misconceptions about trans people. To be honest, most people probably wouldn’t even know if they met someone who was trans. I understand that Mr. Garrison from South Park is purely for comedy, but the sad thing is that people actually think that is what trans people are like. There are a LOT of freaking attractive trans people out there. I intend to be one of them someday 😉 .

  6. griffon8 Says:

    In case you’re interested—specifically Jane Doe and M.S., but all are invited—my favorite forum is very GLBT friendly. It’s for the webcomic Misfile and can be found at napalmluck.com.

    I’ve learned a lot more about GLBT issues from discussions there than I ever knew existed.

    Oh, you do have to register to be able to read the posts; sorry.

  7. Sunny Day Says:

    Men dressed as women teaching children, sounds like a priest.

  8. Cyc Says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think this is all code for “dear god, if we let them work then who will we hire for our ‘private’ time?!”

  9. sue blue Says:

    Didn’t Jesus wear a “dress” by today’s standards? And what about priests, as Sunny Day says? When I first saw this picture, the only thing that made it obvious that it was a fundie fear-smear was the “Obama and the Democrats” line. It could just as easily be an atheist ad about having your children taught by “Jesus”! Now, that would bother me!

  10. Ron Britton Says:

    Jane Doe:

    …as a transgendered person (M to F FYI) I would hope your standards of what a trans person might look like would be higher than the Garrison teacher figure from south park.

    I’ve done some research, and you are correct. I have found a much more accurate depiction.