God Song

Don’t let your co-workers overhear this. Someone’s bound to throw a tizzy.

(via God is for Suckers)

(YouTube page is here)

4 Responses to “God Song”

  1. samulli Says:

    Thanks, that was exactly the right song on a Sunday morning. LOL

  2. Gabemik Says:

    That was just beautiful. I’ll be singing that song all day long.

  3. Dana Hunter Says:

    That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen – thank you! I’ll have a song in my heart all day tomorrow. 😉

  4. Sue Blue Says:

    Funny…I was station-surfing in my car today and I came across some religious radio broadcast with the words “what has Gawd done for us today?”

    “He fucked yew up!” I sang. And laughed all the way home.