Jesus Has Risen!

This is just wrong:

Jesus has risen!

This picture hit a bunch of the other blogs about a month ago, so I didn’t include it here. Several people have sent it to me recently, so I thought Jesus must be telling me that he wants to spread the light to my blog too.

8 Responses to “Jesus Has Risen!”

  1. vjack Says:

    As many times as I’ve seen that picture throughout the atheist blogosphere, I still find it incredibly creepy.

  2. Arkonbey Says:

    it was almost as if the designer was an atheist.

    I went to school in Portland, ME where a local artist made Jesus Pez dispensers. Sacrilegious!

  3. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Wow, look at the facial features. That’s the whitest White Jesus I think I’ve ever seen – and not just because of the actual color! That’s even whiter than the Jesuses on this calendar a Catholic coworker has in his cube. And trust me, Catholics know how to make Jesus EXTREMELY white.

  4. commander other Says:

    what does the packaging on this one say? “Turn on Jesus, for Christ’s sake!”

  5. Parrotlover77 Says:

    Maybe, “get down on knees when you pray?”

  6. Barbara Says:

    Is this available in a Parish Priest/altarboy option?

  7. commander other Says:

    for the target audience, a dimmer switch would be far more appropriate.

  8. Tom Says:

    Do you think that when the fundies designed this, they realised that Jesus looks like he has a boner? Which is even funnier as he’s holding children as well. Of course, it might explain by some priests molest children. I can imagine the headline-“Vatican says sex with children not sinful according to Jesus.”